Improve Your Mental Performance, Naturally

Your brain needs the right nutrients to produce optimal amounts of Dopamine. It's hard to get all this from diet alone. Give your brain a boost with our all-natural formula, Dopamine Brain Food™, for mental drive.

Feeling tired, unhappy, or mentally drained?

When you feel sluggish and unmotivated on the regular, life becomes a snooze.

If you’re like me, you’d love to have a day where you’re energized and ready to accomplish any task instead of -

  • Procrastinating or having a poor attention span
  • Feeling low in energy
  • Dreading your work or daily tasks
  • Not feeling accomplished at the end of the day

But how can you muster up the mental drive to get motivated? It sounds exhausting just thinking about it...

This is where dopamine comes in, your mental focus regulator…

Dopamine is a naturally produced chemical that helps regulate things like energy, motivation, and focus.

But doesn’t my body make enough dopamine already?

While it’s true that we naturally produce dopamine, your body often doesn’t get the right amount of nutrients it needs to metabolize the neurotransmitters which enable optimal levels of natural dopamine.

And unfortunately, 83% of Americans are struggling with low energy, motivation problems, or mental fatigue...

There are several reasons that can cause your body to not produce the right amount of dopamine naturally. Some of which include -

  • Age
  • Diet
  • Stress
  • Lack of exercise
  • Lack of sleep or poor sleep

That’s just to name a few! There are a million reasons why your dopamine levels could be out of whack.

Here’s the truth: Even if you’re eating healthy, getting plenty of sleep, and exercising regularly, your body could still be unable to produce dopamine at its most optimal levels.


That’s where supplementation comes in!

"Keeps me sharp and motivated.
I am 40 yr old man with two jobs and and a full-time college load. There are definitely days where it is difficult to maintain motivation and drive. Dopamine brain food helps me maintain the drive necessary for success."


When You're Low Dopamine...

It feels IMPOSSIBLE to focus on tasks...

That's why we created an all-natural solution for keeping Dopamine levels in check.


Introducting: Dopamine Brain Food.


I was inspired to create this product when I was at the lowest point in my life.


I had always been a football player. It’d been my “thing” ever since middle school. And, I was good at it too. I even got a scholarship to play football in college. I was living my dream.


That is until I ended up tearing my ACL/MCL - one of the most common injuries in college sports. Needless to say, I was devastated.


It felt like my identity had been ripped away.


I didn’t like school anymore. I stopped answering texts from friends. All in all, I felt like a shell of my former self.


For six months, I just stopped doing everything that I loved. I was unmotivated and had no energy to do anything.


Let’s hit pause on my story. What activities or hobbies have you stopped doing seemingly out of nowhere? Plans or hobbies that used to bring you immense joy and happiness, now you just have no motivation to do?


This is the number-one sign of low dopamine.


If you’re unmotivated or unable to focus and do the things that once you were passionate about, then something’s wrong. Likely, a chemical imbalance that starts with your neurotransmitters.


The answer? Dopamine Brain Food.


The reason Dopamine Brain Food is revolutionary (unlike stimulants like Adderall) is because it’s an all-natural, non-addicted, no chance of down-regulation, supplement to help your body naturally reach optimal levels of dopamine.


With each dose, you’ll naturally reclaim that focus, motivation and mental drive you once had to accomplish anything life may throw our way.


Roy Krebs - Natural Stacks Founder

Hi, my name is Roy Krebs, founder of, and I have been taking Dopamine Brain Food to fight my lack of focus and motivation every single day for over 7 years.

It all started when I was watching my grandfather suffer through Alzheimers. If any of you have witnessed a friend or family member struggle through this disease or something similar, you know how helpless you feel as a witness.

That’s when my passion for natural health drove me to seek the truth about the causes of health problems and to educate people on alternative solutions that are both safe and effective.

After my stint with a lack of motivation in college post-ACL injury, there were many more periods in life where I had zero drive to do anything.

I now take Dopamine Brain Food everyday (along with a few other Natural Stacks supplements that fit into my daily regime), and I can tell you that it helps me stay motivated and focused. Not only am I able to accomplish more, but I want to accomplish more and reach new goals… all without the nasty side effects of some of the attention deficit medications doctors are prescribing these days.

But don't just take my word for it, check out how Dopamine Brain Food is changing others' lives...

Gina Marie L.

"Daily must have!"

"After just 1 week I was blown away at the difference in my function, mood, and outlook!! I can not speak highly enough of this product!!"

Jason C.

"Great Help With Focusing."

"I’m really impressed. I can feel the difference when I take it and when I don’t. My ability to be mentally “on” is much greater when I’m taking it."

Jamie W.

"Game Changer."

"If I don’t take it, I find myself mentally going in many different directions without really getting anything done. When I do take it, I have clear, single pointed focus and can do anything! Love this stuff!"

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Natural Stacks Dopamine Brain Food


Natural neurotransmitter support for mental drive and motivation.

Dopamine Brain Food naturally supports:

    • Increased concentration and focus†
    • ​Improved drive and motivation†
    • ​Improved confidence and social ease†
    • ​Enhanced mental focus†

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Over 200+ Verified

98% of reviewers would recommend DOPMAINE BRAIN FOOD™ to a friend for:
Improved Motivation & Drive , Increased Concentration & Focus
and Enhanced Mental Clarity!

"Dopamine Brain Food gets me going on all my tasks that I need to get done!"

-Rob T.

"As someone with mental health concerns, the dopamine supplement helps me keep my neurotransmitters balanced and keeps my mood from crashing. It's an essential part of my day."

-Lauren S.

"I have been taking dopamine for a couple months now along with serotonin and Ciltep. My sleep and my resilience against stress have dramatically improved."


"Quality energy leaving me focused and content. Stacks well with anything"

-Andrew C.

"This supplement is great to get you going and motivate you. It supports your body’s natural dopamine production by providing all the essentials your body needs to properly produce enough dopamine. Love this product!"


"I've been consistently training for over 20 years (for competition and general health.) Since I've started taking NS Dopamine with my morning pre-workout supplementation and I've found that I stay more motivated and focused throughout 1.5 hour intense workouts. Thanks Natural Stacks for a great nootropic supplement line."

-Camille M.

"One of the best supplements for extra motivations dopamine brain food is on point. Great first thing in the morning"

-Dylan M.

"Since taking combination of CILTEP with Dopamine and Smart Caffeine, I manage to do more work! Long retention of focus also clear mind. Thank you Natural Stacks."

-Aishah B.

"I am 40 yr old man with two jobs and and a full-time college load. There are definitely days where it is difficult to maintain motivation and drive. Dopamine brain food helps me maintain the drive necessary for success."

-T.J. D.

"I've been skeptical about supplements generally, but even so have taken a good number of them over the years and every now and then find one that really seems to do what it claims to in some kind of obvious way. Dopamine Brain Food is one of those—taking it first thing in the morning, on that first day, I could feel the effects within minutes, and felt a dramatic difference in my productivity and focus that day and every day I've been taking it since. It's really quickly become what I consider to be an essential tool for me, as I didn't even realize how bad my "brain fog" was until I took this."

-John A.

"Focus and concentration much improved!"

-Melissa M.

Stay Motivated and Driven All Day.


Laser focus
and attention

Unbeatable drive to accomplish tasks

Reduced brain fog and better mental clarity

Laser focus
and attention

Unbeatable drive to accomplish tasks

Reduced brain fog and better mental clarity

The reason the all-natural ingredients that make up Dopamine Brain Food work is because of co-factors.

Co-factors are vitamins and minerals for your brain.
Your brain needs food just like any other organ in your body.
By providing the body with the right co-factors we can give the brain all the tools it needs to maximize Dopamine production.
Here's what's inside our all-natural formula to optimize and regulate your brain's dopamine levels...

But How Do I Know if I'm Low in Dopamine?

If you've ever experienced any of these symptoms you should try taking Dopamine Brain Food.

Poor Focus

  • Unable to focus or accomplish tasks
  • Inability to handle stress
  • ADHD

No Motivation

  • Little drive to do work or lack of passion for life
  • Feeling unaccomplished or unproductive

Low Energy

  • Feeling burnt out or tired throughout the day
  • Low energy
  • Constant fatigue or brain fog

Poor Focus

No Motivation

Low Energy

Can’t I just get dopamine from food?

While it’s true you can help your brain reach optimal levels of dopamine by consuming a rich diet in foods like bananas, oranges, and spinach.

But, it's difficult to get the right balance and optimal levels of nutrients in order to give your brain all the co-factors it needs to producte optimal levels of dopamine on a daily basis!

That's why supplementation can help you always reach those optimal days where you're driven and focused to accomplish any task!

Take three capsules every day unbeatable drive and motivation!

100% Happiness Guarantee

If for whatever reason you're unsatisfied with your Natural Stacks supplements, you can keep the full bottle on us and we'll refund your money. Anything after the first bottle, we'll ask that you return for a refund. Simply give us a call at 855-678-2257 or email us at and we'll take care of you.

Terms and Conditions:
This is an exclusive one-time purchase offer, not found in stores. Natural Stacks will not re-bill your credit card and you are not signing up for a subscription. I am offering you the chance to try Dopamine Brain Food at absolutely zero-risk.

Real Success Stories with Dopamine Brain Food

"It really improves everything."

-Andrew C.

"Dopamine gives me unlimited drive every day!"

-Ben M.

"I have been taking Dopamine for the last couple of months. I have started noticing better focus in my work, increased drive and motivation and reduced brain fog."

-Raj K.

Questions About Dopamine Brain Food? We've got your answers...

Q: What is Dopamine Brain Food™ made of?

A: Dopamine Brain Food™ is made of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that are essential to you central nervous system – which instantly increase alertness and assertiveness. By providing your body with the raw materials it needs to make dopamine, it is able to naturally optimize your body of high level dexterity.

Q: What is Dopamine's Function?

A: Dopamine's function as a neurotransmitter is to support feelings of motivation, focus, attention, mood, and reward-seeking behavior.

Q: What is a Dopamine agonist?

A: A dopamine agonist is a compound that activates dopamine-producing receptors in the brain. Dopamine receptors activate signaling pathways that facilitate neurotransmission -- the transfer of chemical signals in the nervous system.

Most commonly, the phrase "dopamine agonist" is reserved for a class of drugs that activates dopamine-producing receptors.

Q: When should I take Dopamine Brain Food?

A: You should take 2-3 capsules first thing in the morning, about 15 minutes before eating. If you are at the gym or at your job, take Dopamine Brain Food™ to increase your attention and alertness. Make sure that you do not consume more than 3 capsules per day. Otherwise, most people take it on a daily basis – no side-effects.

Q: Are there any side effects with Dopamine Supplements?

A: In general, increasing dopamine levels in the brain to abnormal levels with natural supplements is unlikely. If dopamine levels in the brain are excessive, side effects may include anxiety, high energy, high libido, hyperactivity, or agitation.

Q: What is Dopamine?

A: Dopamine is a chemical messenger (neurotransmitter) responsible for transmitting signals in the brain that may influence motivation, mood, memory, and more.

Q: How can I increase my Dopamine levels?

A: The best way to increase dopamine levels is to consume the necessary precursors and cofactors the body needs to produce dopamine naturally. These include the amino acids Tyrosine, L-Phenylalanine, vitamin B6 and vitamin C among others.

Additionally, engaging in regular physical exercise, sleeping 7-8 hours per night, and engaging in activities that bring you pleasure can also help increase dopamine levels.

Q: Are Dopamine Supplements safe?

A: Natural amino acid, herbal, or botanical-based supplements are largely considered safe provided the product is from a reputable brand.

Q: What are the symptoms of Low Dopamine?

A: Some of the most common symptoms of low dopamine are depression, anxiety, attention deficits, fatigue, scattered thoughts, or slow thinking.

Q: What Natural Stacks work well with Dopamine Brain Food?

A: CILTEP is an excellent stack to pair with Dopamine Brain Food for a powerful productivity stack.

Smart Caffeine and MycoBoost can be stacked with Dopamine Brain Food for a potent pre-workout stack for motivation, endurance, and energy.
MycoMind and Acetylcholine Brain Food can be included to help potentiate the positive effects of Dopamine Brain Food.

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Natural Stacks Dopamine Brain Food


Natural neurotransmitter support for mental drive and motivation.

Dopamine Brain Food naturally supports:

    • Increased concentration and focus†
    • ​Improved drive and motivation†
    • ​Improved confidence and social ease†
    • ​Enhanced mental focus†

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