MagTech® Magnesium (90ct)
MagTech® Magnesium (90ct)
Magtech supplement bottle
MagTech® Magnesium (90ct)
MagTech® Magnesium (90ct)
MagTech® Magnesium (90ct)
MagTech® Magnesium (90ct)

MagTech® Magnesium (90ct)

Rated 4.7 out of 5
Based on 638 ratings
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Featuring clinically-tested Magtein - a specialized, potent form of magnesium-l-threonate developed by MIT scientists.

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Better Sleep In A Bottle*

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All natural ingredients
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MagTech® Magnesium (90ct) Benefits


Improve Sleep Quality – Without Feeling Groggy*

Rest easy at night knowing that magnesium intake may improve your sleep quality.*
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Relax and Unwind*

Turn your wandering mind into a peaceful oasis before falling asleep.*

Support Brain Health, Learning, and Memory*

A unique formula with ingredients that may support cognitive function, brain health, learning, and memory.*

Wish You Could Sleep Better?

Sleep is the most important ‘health hack’ we have. The better you sleep, the more refreshed and energized you’ll be throughout the day. We all know this – but we don’t always follow through. Less than roughly 70% of adults sleep less than the ideal 7 hours per night. That’s why everyone could use better sleep quality and more relaxation.

3 Types of Magnesium for Sleep and Relaxation*

Don’t let your sleep habits slip. Stay on track with magnesium. Studies find increasing brain magnesium values has been shown to promote relaxation and improve sleep quality.*

Magtech contains Magtein® - a specialized, potent form of magnesium-l-threonate developed by MIT scientists. The Magtein® inside MagTech™ is built on more than a decade of research from MIT, led by the original inventor Dr. Liu. You can find Magtein® inside each capsule of MagTech™.

The Science Behind Clinically Tested Magtein™

MagTech® is a three-pronged magnesium supplement, with clinically-tested Magtein™ magnesium-l-threonate, magnesium glycinate, and magnesium taurate. Magtein™ is a patented form of magnesium that crosses the blood-brain barrier for utilization in the brain, and it is highly-absorbed for maximum benefits.*

Unlike cheap magnesium you’ll find in traditional supplements, Magtein™ is clinically-tested in placebo-controlled studies – the gold standard of research. Supplying your brain with these types of magnesium may improve sleep quality.*

  • Clinically-Tested Magtein™
  • Brain Health*
  • Learning and Memory

Synergistic Ingredients

Magnesium Glycinate

Being one of the highest-quality forms of magnesium, we added magnesium glycinate because it may support relaxation.*


This formula contains Magtein™ because it is one of the only patented forms of magnesium-l-threonate for sleep and relaxation.* Studies also find that Magtein™ may support learning and memory.*

Magnesium Taurate

We paired this natural amino acid with our other forms of magnesium because it has the potential to absorb effectively in the body and brain.*

Magnesium Glycinate

Glycine is an amino acid, attached to the magnesium molecule in magnesium glycinate. This is one of the highest-quality forms of magnesium available. The magnesium in magnesium glycinate may support relaxation.*


Magtein™ is a patented form of magnesium-l-threonate. Developed by researchers at MIT, this unique ingredient is unlike any form of magnesium on the market. Studies find that Magtein™ may support learning and memory.* It also may support attention and cognitive function – making it a game-changer for your brain health.*

Magnesium Taurate

Magnesium taurate is the third form of magnesium inside MagTech®. Similar to glycine, taurine is also an amino acid. It plays a role in hundreds of chemical reactions, and in this context, attaches to the magnesium molecule as well. Paired with natural amino acids like this, magnesium has the potential to absorb effectively in the body and brain.

How To Use

x30 servings

Each bottle of Magtech® Magnesium contains 30 servings. Recommended serving is 3 capsules at night.

3 capsules/day

Take up to 2 servings a day, preferably 3 capsules in the afternoon and 3 capsules in the evening, or as directed by your healthcare provider.

What To Expect

"Find easer to fall asleep. As far mood I’m generally a chill person so no change there. I still remain chill🙂"

- Becky T.

"I have ALWAYS struggled with sleep and as I got older the worse it became. I have tried dozens of supplements that have claimed to be the "answer" with varying degrees of effectiveness.(usually very limited) I have been taking 3 of these right before I lay down to sleep and within the first week experienced exceptional results in the deepness and quality of my sleep. I have been taking Them nightly for 2 months now and I am amazed by the difference a good night's sleep has had on everything else in my day to day!!"

- Kerri M.

"Works awesome gives you deep sleep waking up refreshed every morning"

- Donald P.

Our Testimonials


Sweet Sleep

I take my doctors recommended amount of Mag tech magnesium complex and my brain is calm and I sleep sweet!

Carol H.


Great before bedtime

Getting 3 different types of MG is what sold me on the product, great before bedtime for sleep

Benjamin J.


I know it is helping

"For years I have taken magnesium supplements at bedtime thinking it would help with my quality of sleep. With Natural Stacks Magtech Magnesium, I know it is helping."

Dr. Michael Lewis (Disclaimer: Dr. Lewis is a paid spokesman for Natural Stacks. Not medical advice or replacement from medical advice.)


Excellent magnesium

Excellent magnesium blend that is very gentle! It helps with sleep, regularity as well as a sharp mind!


Results You Can Feel. Lab Tests You Can See.

Natural Stacks “Open Source” transparency program provides ingredient traceability and 3rd party lab test results for every batch. It’s powered by blockchain technology and secured by HealthLoq™ on transparent, tamperproof, trusted data.

Learn More About Our Commitment to Transparency


Frequently Asked Questions



Warning: If you are pregnant, nursing, or taking medications, consult a healthcare practitioner before use.


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Rated 4.7 out of 5
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Featuring clinically-tested Magtein - a specialized, potent form of magnesium-l-threonate developed by MIT scientists.

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