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Is Your Diet Making You Stressed?

Is Your Diet Making You Stressed?

Stress and the brain are intertwined. Luckily, there are multiple ways to control stress and keep the brain healthier because of it. From stress science to breaking news on anti-aging to celebrating National Stress Awareness Month, there’s a lot to cover today. Take a look. 👀

Stress Awareness Month

If you’re ready to build a better mental wellness routine, now is the time. It’s important to manage stress properly so it doesn’t get the best of you. April marks National Stress Awareness Month! 🧘

Lots of activities can cause stress in our life. Working remotely has been shown to spike stress if we stay in one place all day. The standard American diet surely doesn’t help – read more here. Although continuing research is needed on this topic, we all know the increase of social media and screen time can cause stress too.

Many stress factors are under our control though. For example, getting 7-9 hours of sleep directly lowers stress in studies. Same with eating a balanced diet and getting sunlight first thing in the morning. Making small little changes like this improves the ability to manage daily stress.*

Your Brain On Saffron Extract

A new clinically-tested ingredient called affron® has been shown to support a positive mood and alleviate occasional stress.* Inside our Mood Bites, you’ll find this unique form of saffron extract.

It’s a fast-acting formula – with niacin – that softens stress response to relieve frustration.* Even better, it’s neuroprotective and supports neuronal health.* If you want more happy mood mental wellness, give Mood Bites a try here.*

What’s New In Health

Unique Aging Chemicals

This year, scientists are determining six key chemicals related to the aging process. The research could be game-changing in developing anti-aging compounds in the future. Read this study.

A Flood Of Dopamine?

The University of Washington School of Medicine stumbled upon two ion channel switches in the brain responsible for “switching on” dopamine. Check it out.

The Better Brain Podcast

In this episode, Dr. Michael Lewis and Miles Sarill discuss the gut-brain axis in traumatic brain injury. Listen to the podcast.

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