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What Sleep Does For Your Brain, Body, & Life


Sleep is by-far the most powerful “biohack” we have. It plays a much bigger role than diet, detox, exercise, or anything else. By optimizing our sleep, we unlock new heights in our ability to recover, improve brain health, and more. Check it out.

The Domino Effect Of Sleep

The difference between 4-6 hours of sleep vs. 7-9 hours of sleep is vast. By simply extending your sleep window a couple hours each night, you unlock incredible health benefits.

Mayo Clinic explains that lack of sleep diminishes immune function.[1] This means less sleep can actually make you sick. Another study found less sleep increases risk of obesity and weight gain.[2] It doesn’t stop there – sleep contributes to focus, energy, work output, mental health, and more.

This should come as no surprise. And although we know it’s true, very few people get enough sleep at night! When you finally sink into a 7-9 hour sleep routine, you’ll feel the difference within 3 days. You’ll be able to crank through work easily, feel energized, notice your happiness skyrocket, and enhance your motivation. It has a domino effect on the rest of your life.

The Forgotten Health Hack

The second most important piece of your health is your brain function. Most people don’t realize how brain function can make or break your day. The brain is responsible for mood regulation, mental energy, creativity, and memory retention… So why aren’t we taking better care of it?

Brains are sensitive. Depending on our sleep habits, what we eat, and which supplements we take, brain function changes. That’s why it’s smart to follow some simple techniques to enhance brain health. 🧠

First, add nutrients like L-Tyrosine into your diet. This amino acid is responsible for dopamine synthesis – which improves mental motivation and focus in studies.[3] Next, you can also include medicinal mushrooms like Lion’s Mane in your daily routine. These have been shown to enhance cognitive function, memory, and learning ability.[4]

When it comes to brain health, you want to make small adjustments to the daily diet. Including specific nutrients allows the brain to function at a higher level. This will keep you focused, positive, and energized all day.*

How Sleep + Brain Function Intertwine

Do not overlook the connection between sleep and brain function. Since these are the two most important pieces of overall health, they naturally work together. With less sleep, brain function decreases.* And with lower brain function (and a worse mood), it’s hard to fall asleep at night.*

This is a vicious cycle. If you find yourself in this situation, it will affect your stress levels, your work, and your relationships. That’s why you have to stay proactive about building better sleep habits and cognitive function habits.






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