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Creatine+ is the answer to creatine’s only flaw: its absorption.

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Rated 4.9 out of 5
Based on 85 reviews
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Creatine+ Benefits


Sharper Memory and Focus*

Creatine+ supports the brain for a healthier aging process. Studies show creatine can actually improve short-term memory and intelligence and reasoning scores. Consistent supplementation may be the key to feeling sharp and productive for years.*
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Enhanced Cellular Energy*

Creatine increases your body’s stores of phosphocreatine, which is used to produce new ATP. ATP fuels cellular energy. While better muscle recovery is great, this is the real benefit of this unique Creatine+ formula. Higher ATP production will help you concentrate, improve brain health, and feel energized on a daily basis.*

Better Absorption and Zero Bloating*

Creatine is popular for muscle recovery. However, most creatine supplements don’t properly absorb – they can even cause bloating.* That’s why Creatine+ contains Fenugreek and Himalayan pink salt to improve absorption. With maximum absorption, you’ll certainly feel the benefits of Creatine+ for muscle recovery. More importantly, Creatine+ will actually support your long-term brain health, focus, and energy.*.
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Himalayan Pink Salt For Maximum Absorption

Sodium chloride is a “co-transporter,” which means that creatine absorption is dependent on having adequate levels of sodium. By adding Himalayan Pink Salt to Creatine+, you’re able to restore the body's sodium levels and maximize absorption.*


Neuroprotective formula for healthy aging.*

Creatine isn’t just for gym rats anymore! While it is best-known for its ability to improve muscle growth and overall physical performance, many people aren't aware that supplementing with creatine can significantly boost brain power.* It’s been demonstrated to enhance cognition, delay mental fatigue, and increase neuroprotection.* New research says creatine supports the brain for a healthier aging process, short-term memory, and intelligence and reasoning scores.*

Synergistic Ingredients

Creatine Monohydrate

Premium creatine monohydrate to fuel recovery, brain health, memory, ATP energy production, endurance, and more.*

Fenugreek Extract (seed)

Fenugreek mimics carbohydrates – but with less calories and sugar – in order to help to trigger creatine absorption or creatine.

Himalayan Pink Salt

Himalayan Salt replenishes sodium levels, which maximizes creatine absorption.


To increase absorption of creatine just a bit more.

Creatine Monohydrate

2,500mg of premium creatine monohydrate to fuel recovery, brain health, memory, ATP energy production, endurance, and more.* This dosage is the same range as used in all successful studies involving creatine.*

Fenugreek Extract (seed)

Sugar is commonly added to creatine products because glucose helps transport various nutrients into cells. This occurs by spiking insulin, which activates cellular transporters. Instead of using unhealthy sugars, Creatine+ contains the herb fenugreek. This activates the insulin receptor too, replacing the need for unhealthy glucose-mediated insulin spikes. Research shows fenugreek is just as effective in doing this as simple carbohydrates.

Himalayan Pink Salt

Sodium chloride is a known co-transporter for many nutrients passing into cells. In a 2006 study, scientists explained that creatine is transported into cells by a “sodium-chloride dependent creatine transporter.” This means you can enhance creatine transport and absorption by combining it with Himalayan Pink Salt. Even better, Creatine+ gives you a natural alternative to the lab-made salts many creatine products add, such as hydrochloride.


To increase absorption of creatine just a bit more, Creatine+ has a small amount of sodium derived from extra Himalayan Pink Salt.* Better absorption, better benefits!

How To Use

x30 servings

Take 4 capsules per day as needed or as advised by a healthcare practitioner. 120-count bottle!

4 capsules/day as needed

Take 4 capsules per day as needed or as advised by a healthcare practitioner.

Warning: If you are pregnant, nursing, or taking medications, consult a healthcare practitioner before use.

What To Expect

Results You Can Feel. Lab Tests You Can See.

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