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Deep Sleep

This prebiotic formula is effective and gentle. It helps me get a deeper sleep and is a must when taking probiotics.

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SleepBiotic™ is a first of its kind formula offering gut and sleep support all in one delicious nighttime drink.

SleepBiotic™ features a natural blend of prebiotic fibers (SunFiber®) with glycine and chamomile to support both optimal digestion and deep sleep.†

Research suggests that the compounds in SleepBiotic™ can improve gut and overall health. The benefits may include optimal digestion, increased metabolism, and deeper sleep.†


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Heal Your Gut, Boost Your Metabolism and Get Deeper Sleep With Natural Stacks SLEEPBIOTIC™

SleepBiotic is a first of its kind formula offering deep, rejuvenating sleep every night by improving your gut health.

Every ingredient is selected and dosed to provide a sleep solution that targets the gut as well as other secondary factors for a better nightly snooze.


For A Great Night’s Sleep, You Need Great Gut Health.

If the raw materials of melatonin are produced in your gut, then the path to nights of deep, restorative sleep and buzzing daily energy is clear: Get a healthier gut.

That doesn’t mean swallowing probiotic pills or trying a fad diet.

Of the thousands of strains living in your gut, scientists have identified 3 key strains of gut bacteria that are involved in improving sleep.6

The most important of these key strains are Streptococcus.

There is one key ingredient that boosts the growth of this sleep-aiding bacteria by as much as 778%.

Guar gum.

In 2017, four scientists tested the gut health effects of guar gum.7 They tested it in two forms:

Partially hydrolyzed guar gum
Unprocessed guar gum

And what they found was jaw-dropping!

In its raw, unprocessed form, guar gum showed absolutely zero bacterial growth.

However, once they added partially hydrolyzed guar gum to the different strains of bacteria, they began to multiply. The most surprising effects were in the sleep-improving Streptococcus strains.

After 24 hours, the bacteria multiplied by an incredible 778%, increasing to nearly 8 times their original number. This means guar gum can improve our gut health and boost the sleep-improving Streptococcus bacteria in our gut.

Therefore, any effective sleep aid must be built on partially hydrolyzed guar gum.

For this reason, it was time to take this research and run with it…

Developing a sleep-solution created around what science has already proved. After testing hundreds of combinations of sleep-boosting nutrients, here is the most potent mix.


Partially Hydrolyzed Guar Gum (7 Grams)

Sourced from a world-class facility in indiginous home of the guar plant, SleepBiotic contains 7 grams of the highest quality Partially Hydrolyzed Guar Gum.

The same easily digestible form was shown in one study to boost the sleep-helping strains of Streptococcus by up to 778%.


Milled in the United States, our banana flour is made from the pulp of unripe bananas before the sugar content has developed. Raw green banana flour is extremely nutrient dense: it’s high in potassium, vitamins, minerals, and resistant starch.

German Chamomile (125mg)

Native to Southern and Eastern Europe, German Chamomile helps reduce stress and has an overall calming effect on the body.

It’s been used for hundreds of years as a natural remedy for helping people relax into a deep sleep and stay asleep longer.


Also known as “true cinnamon”, ceylon cinnamon can help regulate blood sugar, improve insulin sensitivity, and support joint health. It’s also rich in antioxidants; just 1 teaspoon of ceylon cinnamon has more antioxidants than 8 ounces of pomegranate juice.


Naturally found in many different vegetables, InulinFOS consists of short and long chains of fructose molecules that stimulate the growth of beneficial flora in the digestive tract, support digestive health and normalize blood glucose response after a meal. Prebiotic+ features InulinFOS from GMO-free chicory grown in Europe.

Suggested Use

Mix with 4-6 oz of cold water or into your favorite smoothie. Start by taking 1 tablespoon per day for 1 week then increase to 2 tablespoons per day, preferably in the evening.

U.S.A manufactured in a GMP facility. Natural Stacks proudly uses only the highest quality ingredients.


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