292+ Trusted Customer Reviews

Stop Stressing, Sleep Better, Think Clearly AND Fuel Your Muscles…With Natural Stacks’ MagTech*!


292+ Trusted Customer Reviews

MagTech Magnesium Complex

With 3 types of magnesium for brain-boosting, rest-promoting, muscle-protecting power, it has the highest absorption rate on the market*

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Improve Brain Health, Fight Stress, & Promote Restful Sleep

Magtein Magnesium L-Threonate, Magnesium Taurate, and Magnesium Glycinate form a triple-threat to fight anxiety, bust brain fog, improve mood, and preserve muscle mass*.

3 Powerful Types Of Magnesium

This powerhouse trio of magnesium is the most easily absorbed…so you get ALL the benefits of this superfood-mineral*.

Dense Brain Synapses = Better Health

Magnesium L-Threonate is proven to increase the density of brain synapses. So it improves memory, makes learning easier, slows brain aging, and supports the central nervous system*.

Triple-Threat Against Stress

Three types of magnesium work synergistically to reduce overall stress, support the immune system, protect the brain, and preserve muscles*.

Powerful Brain “Relaxer” Helps Sleep

Magnesium Glycinate de-escalates racing thoughts to help you get more high quality sleep*.

Better Mood, Stronger Muscles

Magnesium Taurate supports the body’s stress response, helping boost your mood. It also aids with muscle recovery*

“Patients that I’ve worked with have really noted improvements in their mental capacity and better sleep…”

-Dr. Patrick Fox, Naturopath

Use Nightly for Better Sleep

“Struggled with sleep issues most of my life. This product has allowed me to have deep, restful sleep"

Laurie B.

Verified Buyer

Great Product

"Most magnesium products only have 1 form of magnesium. Magtech has all 3."

Patricia M.

Verified Buyer

MagTech Magnesium

“Close to MAGIC…significantly better sleep and a clearer daytime awareness.”

John I.

Verified Buyer

Easy to Take, Fast Results

MagTech fits seamlessly into your lifestyle.

1. How Much?

Determine your dosage. Adults can take up to 3 capsules, twice a day.

2. When?

Decide when to take it. You can take it in both the afternoon and evening, or just in the evening

3. Enjoy Better Health!

Some people notice a difference at the first dose, but it may take up to a few weeks to notice the difference.

How We Compare

Other supplements can’t stack up to Natural Stacks

Contains 3 Types of Magnesium

Super Absorbable

Causes Digestive Discomfort

Helps Stress, Sleep, Brain AND Muscles

Increases Brain Synapse Density

Natural Stacks’ MagTech

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