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Suzannah Bianco

Suzannah is a nutrition based Holistic Health Coach. Her interest in nutrition developed as an athlete under vigorous training demands. She went from being a synchronized swimming Olympic Gold Medalist, to being a performer with Cirque Du Soleil for 19 years, and then “do it all” mom with 2 teenagers, and little sleep. She realized the conventional medical system was failing in addressing her fatigue, weight gain, brain fog, bloating, uncomfortable digestion, and low libido. This interest turned into a passion for healing herself. Suzanna’s journey of researching and experimenting led to a diagnosis of adrenal fatigue. Through nutrition, she was able to regain energy- and have more of it throughout the day,
and regulate her digestive system. To deepen her knowledge and assist others, she became a certified Holistic Health Coach from IIN and a certified Hormone Cure Coach.


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