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Tapping Into Your Flow State: The Ultimate Way to Get More Stuff Done

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Wouldn't you love to be able to focus effortlessly? Turns out, this is actually possible when you achieve something called the "flow state."

The flow state allows you to easily dial in on your work, and tap into invigorating concentration.

Here are a few steps to achieve "flow."

Ditch Your Phone For a While

Let's be honest, our smartphones are the ultimate focus killers. Between social media notifications, email alerts, and the bottomless pit of news and entertainment... It's a constant battle for our limited attention. The first step to achieving flow is to create a distraction-free zone. Stash your phone in another room if needed. This can automatically unlock more focus and get you into flow.

Feed Your Brain “Focus Nutrients”

Just like a car needs the right fuel, your brain needs certain nutrients to stay focused. Some foods are much better than others for the brain. In fact, Harvard University finds blueberries to be some of the best "brain foods" in this article. They are packed with flavonoids and antioxidants, which support cognitive function and memory.

Understanding the Science of Flow

The scientific idea of the "flow state" is gaining popularity - which is great news for you! There's a wealth of new research coming out on this topic. Read some books on focus, like Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience, to learn more. Plus, you can review many studies like this one to understand how flow actually happens in the brain.

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