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Dr. Desneige Datillo

Leading the center is Desneige Datillo, founder and medical director of the Acupuncture and Allergy Center. In addition to her broad knowledge and experience as a highly regarded and sought-after acupuncturist, Desneige is a Registered Nurse (RN) who has worked in emergency rooms and intensive/critical care units at leading Boston-area hospitals.

Desneige also served as Senior Nurse Consultant for eight years at John Hancock Life Insurance Company, where she helped to design and develop a pre-hospital admission review program that started with two nurses and expanded to five national offices employing more than 200 employees. She also performed qualitative and quantitative analyses of care and post-operative treatment outcomes at numerous organ transplant hospitals in the U.S. and developed a network of facilities for the company called “The Centers of Excellence.”


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