Social Media Marketer

The supplement industry is broken and we're going to fix it.

We’re looking for social media marketer who can help us tell our story.

This role has two main functions:

1.) Creating

You’ll be responsible to developing campaigns, getting creative (major+++ if you have design / editing skills), and then executing on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram.

Here is a cool example of a mini-documentary we made during the World Series of Poker.

We want to do a lot more of this. We also have all of the gear you could possibly need.

2. Relationships

You’ll create partnerships with brands and influencers (major+++ if you have relationships already) for things like giveaways, reviews and contests.

Here is a cool example of a review by Improvement Pill on Youtube.

To apply:

Tell us about two brands you like and why you like them. Don’t say Apple.

Include links to your social pages + pages you have managed