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What's Inside The Primed Mind Stack

Dopamine Brain Food™

(Value: $39.95)

A supplement with L-Tyrosine, made to support dopamine production and improve mental motivation.*


(Value: $39.95)

Designed to kickstart your brain for sustained mental energy, without the dreaded crash.*

Smart Caffeine®

(Value: $19.95)

A cleaner alternative to coffee – balanced with a perfect dose of L-Theanine.*

Acetylcholine Brain Food™

(Value: $39.95)

The cheat code to faster mental processing speed and better memory.*

PLUS two limited-time special bonuses…

8-Stick Sampler Pack Of IQMIX

(Value: $9.95)

The cheat code to faster mental processing speed and better memory.*

2 FREE Months Of Our Primed Mind App

(Value: $95.95)

To help you unleash your full potential and live your best life in just 5 minutes per day.

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No crashes or jitters.

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