Scientists Discover Brain’s Hidden Toxin ‘Cleaning System’

Scientists have discovered the brain has a hidden cleaning system for washing out toxins at night. And this system may hold the key to sustaining brain health as we age.

Dreams are weird.

Scientists may never know why we dream about flying... taking an exam... or being naked...

But what they do NOW know is what happens in our brains while we’re asleep.

A discovery that explains why getting enough sleep doesn’t just help us feel energetic and alert…

But may hold the key to sustaining a clear, high performing brain as we age.

The Brain’s Nighttime Sprinkler System Revealed

It’s long been suspected that sleep is how our brain’s process the day’s events.

And it’s now been discovered that sleep is when our brains take out the trash too.

Because scientists have found that our brains have a sprinkler system that flushes out toxins at night.

It’s called the ‘glymphatic system’.13

And it was discovered by the Danish neuroscientist Maiken Nedergaard.

In animal experiments, Nedergaard made the jaw dropping discovery that the space between brain cells expands while we’re asleep.

This then allows a mesh of other tiny cells… called glial cells... to release a cleansing fluid.

And this fluid then sprays our brains clean of toxins, like a sprinkler system.

So, just like how golf courses use sprinklers to revitalize the grass at night...

Our brains ‘glymphatic system’ helps us clear out toxins so we can feel mentally cleansed and sharp in the morning.

But on the flipside, if we don’t get enough deep sleep…

...and the ‘glymphatic system’ can’t do its job…

We can awake feeling foggy brained... groggy...

And even at higher risk of brain decline down the road.14

The Key to Supporting Our Brain Health as We Age

The discovery of the glymphatic system has triggered intense research across the globe into how it can be harnessed…

And how it can be optimized to help keep our brains clear of toxins at any age.

But the good news is that we don’t have to wait for the world’s scientists to tell us how to best support the glymphatic system.

Because we already know the answer: To get more deep sleep!

And what’s the best way to promote deep, toxin cleansing sleep at night?

Well, surprisingly it’s not taking melatonin supplements.

Sure, melatonin supplements may be a popular sleeping aid.

But what few supplement sellers mention is that taking melatonin night after night can wreak havoc to the brain’s sleep-wake cycle…

And even make it harder to get any natural sleep at all.15

A solution that feeds the brain with the three key building blocks it needs for deep restorative sleep…

So the glymphatic system can flush out toxins at its peak…

And we can awake feeling cleansed... mentally sharp... and ready to pursue our goals with gusto.


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