Eat These 5 Ingredients To Stop Stress Before It Starts

Boost Serotonin, Calm The Mind, And Feel Happier

If you feel stressed lately, add these 5 ingredients to your diet.

Clinical trials show they improve your mood, regulate stress, and help you feel happier.

One of these littler ingredients even boosts serotonin – the “happiness hormone” that controls your mood.

See, there’s a massive epidemic of stress in America.Some doctors are calling stress “the new smoking,” since it has crippling biological impacts on the body.

Studies show prolonged stress leads to multiple diseases, cell damage, and impaired immunity.¹

Point is, it’s important to stop stress before it starts.

Here are 5 ingredients that do that.


This well-studied adaptogenic herb supports stress relief and fights mental fatigue. It has also been linked to improved mood, providing an uplifting boost in performance and energy.

Rosiridin, one of its active compounds, also helps metabolize serotonin. This is extremely important because serotonin levels can drop due to stress, causing a never-ending spiral!

With Rhodiola Rosea though, serotonin production ramps up. It helps your body and mind stay calm no matter what life throws at you.

Make sure you get enough of this though. The Rhodiola Rosea herbal teas won’t cut it!


This one is impressive for fighting stress…

Tryptophan has been used successfully in the treatment of seasonal affective disorder. It can even act as an important determinant of mood, cognition and behavior.²

Your body absorbs this little amino acid, eventually turning it into the “happiness hormone” serotonin. This makes L-Tryptophan a game-changer for people who feel stressed, exhausted, or mentally worn down.

Add it to your diet for an automatic mood boost!


You’ve heard of this before. Yet, most people aren’t getting nearly enough.

Vitamin B3 is an essential vitamin that boosts cerebral circulation and improves cellular energy. Studies show it’s heavily involved in regulating stress hormones and stress functions.³

Honestly, Vitamin B3 is like a baseline vitamin. It’s something we need much more of to keep our entire body healthy.

If you’re feeling stressed, this is the third key ingredient to add to your diet starting today.


The fourth key ingredient to combat stress is Magnesium Glycinate.

This is a “brain powerhouse,” responsible for over 325 processes in the body. It handles everything from your stress response to your sleep.

Including more of this in your diet has been shown to reduce stress in multiple clinical studies. Plus, up to 75% of the population lacks magnesium – another cause of stress!⁴ ⁵ ⁶


Finally, adding this fifth ingredient can change your mood faster than flipping on a lightswitch.

Zinc has been shown to increase serotonin uptake in the brain.⁷

Since serotonin determines your mood, Zinc is one of the most important components of a healthy mind.

How To Get All 5 Stress-Fighting Ingredients In 30 Seconds A Day

It’s a hassle to take lots of vitamins, supplements, and superfoods everyday. It’s even more of a hassle to get enough zinc, magnesium, vitamin B3, L-tryptophan, or rhodiola rosea just through food.

In fact, it’s nearly impossible!

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