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"SMART CAFFEINE gives me energy at work all day long"

"I used to drink at least two coffees, sometimes three just to make it through the day. Now I have completely replaced my coffee dependency with SMART CAFFEINE. It's better, healthier, and there are no jittery side effects."

- Alex Gould, Business Development VP

"#1 Recommended Beginner's Stack"

"L-theanine is extremely safe and has been shown to mitigate the negative aspects of caffeine, such as anxiety, increased blood pressure and diminished sleep quality, while improving upon the positive aspects."


Ricardo Castañeda, Jiu-Jitsu Instructor

"I take some BioCreatine to kind of help fuel me a little bit more. It helps me with my energy levels so I’m not going to fatigue. I also helps me with my muscles throughout the entire time that I’m training… Lately I’ve just been just taking Smart Caffeine, no coffee. Very clear head, have energy all day."



Brittney Leeb, Nutritional Coach

"Smart Caffeine helps reduce the effects of muscle fatigue. And gives me that extra boost of energy that I need sometimes. And I also feel like it has increases the efficiency at which my body uses glycogen. Because I can work out longer with or without the product. CILTEP keeps me sharp and focused in all that I do… And since I’ve added BioCreatine I’ve noticed serious gains and more mental focus."


Nick Ehrlich of Sweat Performance

"When I started using this stack, the SmartCaffeine, the CILTEP and the BioCreatine, I found that I take it right out of bed, first thing in the morning, and I have a really nice, focused, kind of laser-guided energy level that carries me thru-ought the day. I don't feel the need to go back, get another cup of coffee, grab a rockstar or anything like that. I'm really focused like this."


Chris Hughes, Entrepreneur

"I’ve been pairing CILTEP up with the SmartCaffeine from The Natural Stacks guys as you can see here. What I’ve been doing is I’ve been surfing for about an hour or two hours right after taking it. and then coming back to get right into my work routine. I’m an internet entrepreneur so this has really helped with increasing my focus and getting things done which are on my to do list."


Jacob, Student

"I just want to tell you that this stack really helped me for my exam. It literally saved my life. Firstly, SmartCaffeine. I took about one pill in the morning during exam time… it got me focused.
CILTEP - This product is amazing. When I say amazing, I mean AMAZING.
I took this one alone and still got the effect of clarity and memory."

Anthony, Medical Student

"I’m a big fan of Natural Stacks. And this is mainly because they’ve got this really honest approach. It’s quite simple really, it’s to sell products that actually work. And with really transparent ingredients so you can look up what’s in them. And you know that the dose is the effective dosage that is mentioned in the scientific studies. And although this sounds like an obvious, simple thing. This is actually really rare in the supplement industry."

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