Are You Deficient In This “Happiness Hormone”?

Does your gut determine your mood?

While this used to be a crazy idea, new research tells us your gut makes 95% of your serotonin.

Serotonin is the chemical that dictates our stress, happiness, and mood. That means your brain-gut connection is more real than ever!

Unfortunately, stress is also higher than it's ever been. It's an inescapable web that spans from our workplace to our dating life to our inner mental chatter.

That's why it's very important to take care of stress before it starts. And new research tells us how to do it.

These new studies show one simple herb reduces stress like clockwork. Even better, it’s an organic herb used by humans for centuries.

Some doctors are calling this the "happiness herb" because it reduces stress in hundreds of clinical trials. It travels into your gut, helps produce more serotonin, and elevates your mood.

This article will reveal this little "happiness herb," how to get more of it, and tell you the real root cause of stress. Hint: It will surprise you!

So if you're struggling with stress, this 3-minute read will be a life-saver.

Whether you're trying to get through your workdays with a smile on your face, wishing the world would go back to normal so you can feel calmer, or want to discover the surprising truth about stress…

This is perfect for you.

Turns out…

Stress doesn’t actually come from your external problems. That’s right, it comes from how your body reacts to those external problems!

This is why meditation, therapy, and yoga don’t always do the trick for everyone. Your stress response occurs at a biological level.¹

Research now is showing that stress, your mood, and your entire mental well-being is linked to one thing. And it’s not your brain.²

Your Microbiome.

Your microbiome is responsible for almost every process within your body, including producing 95% of all your serotonin.³

This is one of the most important discoveries in the history of modern medicine and health.

It proves that your mood links back to how healthy your gut is. All those feel-good chemicals - like serotonin - are made inside your gut.

So before I tell you about the one “happiness herb” you can eat to produce more of this serotonin in your gut, let’s talk about WHY you should care about this today.

If your mood is linked to your gut health, it’s no wonder why stress is such a big issue nowadays.

Our gut fights against millions of toxins found in our environment and most popular foods.⁴ Because of this, the National Institutes of Health say that 70 million people have poor gut health.⁵

This slows down the production of serotonin like crazy, screwing up our overall mood!⁶ When the gut can’t control our biological stress response and produce enough serotonin, it’s no wonder you feel stressed, exhausted, and unhappy.

While we can't completely fix our microbiomes in one single swoop, we CAN feed our gut nutrients that boost feel-good chemicals like serotonin. We CAN flood the microbiome with superfoods that are very healthy.

So today I’ll reveal one organic herb in particular that’s really good for this.

Rhodiola Rosea.

This little-known “happiness herb” has been making a splash across hundreds of medical journals, news outlets, and research papers.

This special adaptogenic herb has been shown to…

  • Stimulate serotonin production.⁷ 
  • Support stress relief and can help fight against mental fatigue and burnout.
  • Help patients relieve stress in just 14 days in one study.⁸ 
  • Decrease cortisol response when stressed.⁹ 
  • Fight stress-related fatigue in double-blind clinical trials.
  • Increase mental performance and improves concentration.
  • Control oxidative stress at a biological level and reduce other stress symptoms.¹⁰ 
  • Reduce stress symptoms in patients after just 3 short days in a clinical trial.¹¹ 
  • Improve mood significantly and reduce cell response to stress.¹²
  • Have 140 healthy compounds to support a better mood.¹³

Impressive, right?

Basically, we just need to get a bunch of this Rhodiola Rosea into our microbiome. It’s a stress-fighting powerhouse!

Getting lots of Rhodiola Rosea daily helps you feel happier and calmer no matter what life throws your way.

The best part is that Rhodiola Rosea supports your gut and helps it produce more serotonin. It improves that "brain-gut connection.”

Luckily, Rhodiola Rosea isn’t some manufactured supplement. It’s actually a natural herb that’s been used for centuries.

Since we can never get enough of it through our regular diet though, it’s one of the most important ingredients you can supplement.

That’s why we decided to create the ultimate supplement that has loads of Rhodiola Rosea inside of it, along with 4 other powerhouse nutrients.

These 5 nutrients go to work to increase your serotonin levels, improve your mood, and build a better mind.

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