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Natural Stacks For Floating

Float Locations Selling Natural Stacks Products:

Float Locations around the country are starting to pick up our products since customers are realizing that they can expand their floating capabilities with supplements. Here are some of the float places that sell our products:






Our Most Popular Products For Floaters:


CILTEP is an all-natural supplement that combines artichoke extract with Forskolin. This induces long-term potentiation which is the mechanism behind learning. The effects that people get from it is increased clarity and focus thereby improving the quality of the float. The video below shows Shaun Neil talking about his experience of taking CILTEP before Floating.


MagTech - Optimal Magnesium Supplement

The Epsom salt water is saturated with magnesium so that floaters get magnesium through their skin. However, taking magnesium transdermally and orally has shown to have a therapeutic effect. This is why many floaters enjoy taking magnesium before floating. MagTech contains the 3 types of magnesium that are most bioavailable, including L-Threonate which is the only type of magnesium that actually crosses the blood-brain barrier. Taking MagTech outside of the tank has a plethora of other benefits associated with it like better sleep quality, more relaxation and better memory.

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