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Wanted: Remote Digital Marketer (Content + Email + Social)

About the company -

We’re looking for Digital Marketer to our fast growing eCommerce nutrition company.

At Natural Stacks, we create premium nutraceuticals with an unrivaled level of openness and transparency. Our flagship formula CILTEP is a patented all-natural nootropic. We’re currently funding clinical trials to further validate its effects.

About the role -

The Digital Marketer will be creating and launching content driven marketing campaigns.

You should be familiar with creating webinars, eCourses, lead magnets, listicles, interviews, podcasts, giveaways, reviews, and blog posts.

You'll use this content to acquire new leads (emails) and then onboard them about our brand and eventually turn them into customers.


  • Excellent research and copywriting skills (please link to your best content)
  • 1-3 years of performance based digital marketing (ecommerce preferred)
  • Successful implementation of 2-3 growth hacks (tell us about them)
  • Deep understanding of content creation, social media, seo and email marketing

What you’ll learn here:

You’ll learn how to become a “full-stack” digital marketer. This means creating, building, scaling and optimizing campaigns that teach people about our brand and getting them to convert. It’s invaluable skill set that you will carry with you throughout your entire life and allow you to live / work wherever you want.

Why people love working here:

We believe that the supplement industry is deeply flawed and consumers are constantly cheated and ripped off. We’re working to change that by providing unmatched transparency and premium open-source formulations that everyone from Olympians to CEOs to students can use to optimize their performance. It’s us versus they and they don’t want us to win!

How to apply:

Please fill out the application

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