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"CILTEP has been by far the most impressive nootropic I’ve ever tried, period."


"If you’ve never tried nootropics before, or have, and noticed meager results, then CILTEP might be worth a try. Unlike most racetams, the effects are rapid and extremely noticeable."

- Chad Barnsdale

"The perfect tool to boost performance and enhance focus for students"


"I was skeptical, as many would be; but after taking the stacks once, then twice, then a third time it was clear that the hype surrounding Natural Stacks is real."

- Zack Huhn, Founder

"Artichoke extract and forskolin has an incredible cognitive effect"


"I've actually found it more effective than modafinil. This a stack that was developed by Abelard Lindsay"

- Tim Ferriss, Entrepreneur, Author and Investor

"I don't want to jump the gun, but honestly it worked instantaneously."


"Not sure if it’s supposed to affect the system as fast as it did, but I had clear focus all morning. It’s been a very productive day, full of reading, writing, and planning for new projects. "

- Alex West, Filmmaker

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