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power through your games with
unbreakable focus and energy

Do you go on tilt when the energy drinks wear off
after long hours at the table?

If you want laser focus, effortless recall and indestructible motivation
like Martin Jacobson had when he won the 2014 WSOP, try CILTEP today.

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Formulated by nootropics expert Abelard Lindsay, CILTEP combines potent natural
ingredients to increase your focus, motivation and memory. It allows you to think clearer -
faster. It boosts your long-term memory, allows you to keep more information front of mind,
and keeps you alert through even the most gruelling games.
Increased motivation and mental
endurance. Keep unbreakable focus
and motivation, no matter how long
you're at the table.
Increased ability to study and retain
information. Remember everything
that has happened and think moves
ahead of your competition.
Improved concentration and
long-term memory. It keeps you rock
steady for up to 12 hours - no slumps,
no distractions, no tilt.
Improved mood and social ease.
Shake off the anxiety and play with
cool confidence.

Ready to play through every game feeling
motivated, energised and focused?

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