5 Reasons Why Krill Oil is The Best Omega-3 Supplement

And Why Its Better Than Fish Oil

If you already take your daily dose of fish oil like clockwork, congratulations, you're ahead of the curve.

But if you really want to support your body and mind with the most powerful and beneficial impact, you might want to re-think where you're getting your omega-3 nutrition from...

The fish oil vs. krill oil debate has persisted for years -- two seemingly identical supplements sold side by side on store shelves--, but the evidence is finally clear: krill oil is the superior omega-3 supplement for physical and mental health.

In today's article we share the 5 science-proven reasons why krill oil earns the #1 spot for best omega-3 supplement, hands down.


Most cold water fish oil naturally contains a significant concentration of essential fatty acids.

As long as it's wild-caught, not farm-raised, it doesn't matter much if you get your oil from salmon, cod, mackerel, or sardines. They're all high in a good amount of EPA and DHA.

Unfortunately, when you buy a fish oil supplement these fatty acids are usually esterified...

This means they are processed in a manner that makes the fatty acids less accessible. If a fish oil product is molecularly distilled, like most are, the end result is an oil in the form of an ethyl ester. Ethyl esters have the lowest bioavailability of all sources of fatty acids.

So what makes krill oil special?

  • Krill oil is the most potent, bioavailable form of oil that you can buy for restoring balance to your EPA and DHA levels.
  • Krill oil contains the much more absorbable phospholipid forms of EPA and DHA, and studies have shown that it decreases the body’s cholesterol synthesis while providing better levels of these nutrients [4].
  • It's capable of being stored in a wider range of temperatures, and can be kept for longer. This is hugely important, considering over 25% of off-the-shelf fish oil products are rancid and damaged from oxidation.
  • The krill industry is regulated by the Convention on the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) [5]. This might just seem like a mouthful at first, but this organization helps regulate the industry and ensure that krill are not farmed or fished to extinction.
  • Krill oil contains one of the best natural sources of astaxanthin. Astaxanthin actually helps the body make better use of its EPA and DHA, and protects the essential fatty acids from being degraded. None of the varieties of fish oil contain this nutrient.

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