The Top 3 Ingredients For Deep, Restful Sleep

How To Fall Asleep Easily, Stop Tossing And Turning, And Wake Up Refreshed.

Over 70 million Americans have trouble sleeping at night.

They trudge through the day, barely getting their work done.

Even though they lay down for 8 hours, their brain doesn’t shut off.

Racing thoughts, nighttime stress, and poor sleep plague millions.

The frustrating cycle of tossing and turning, battling restlessness, and waking up exhausted is taking its toll on your well-being.

It wasn’t until recently that doctors figured out what is REALLY happening on a biological level.

See, there are a few nutrients that instantly improve sleep.

Without them, it’s much harder to doze off, stay asleep, and feel rested.

These ingredients even contribute to brain relaxation, muscle recovery, and managing stress in the body.

So you can see why lacking them might lead to a night of bad sleep.

Before we dive into these three ingredients, you must know:

Sleep is NOT a luxury – It’s a fundamental pillar of your overall wellness.

Quality sleep is the foundation that allows you to conquer each day with energy and focus.

It makes you more present with your friends and family…

Improving your overall headspace and happiness.

Also, studies show it helps you lose fat.

So not only does bad sleep ruin your energy and productivity…

It actually influences how people view you.

If you’re getting poor sleep (which is probably more often than you think)...

People might treat you differently at work, in life, and in relationships…

All because sleep changes how we look, how we behave, and how we FEEL!

Point is…

Sleep is the MOST important habit you should improve.

Now let’s discuss these top 3 ingredients for better sleep.

#1 - Magnesium – The “Sleep Mineral” 80% Of Us Are Missing

Doctors have found that up to 80% of Americans do not get enough magnesium. This is detrimental because magnesium is the most important “sleep mineral.”

A study in the Journal of Medical Sciences gave magnesium to people every night for 8 weeks… And found they fell asleep faster, stayed asleep longer, and got deeper, more restful sleep.

This is very powerful because by adding one mineral, you could solve most of your normal sleep problems within a couple of months or less.*

In fact, there is nothing more useful than magnesium when it comes to sleep. Magnesium is involved in hundreds of biological processes, and it can even help improve brain function.

Use a high-quality magnesium supplement to fall asleep faster and get a deep, restorative night of rest.

#2 - Chamomile Flower Extract – Wind Down In Minutes And Induce Sleep Naturally

Chamomile has been used in herbal health for thousands of years. If you’ve tried chamomile tea before bed, you know it has some nice relaxation effects.*

However, a higher dose of chamomile flower extract is needed to help you unwind before bed. This is because potent compounds inside chamomile bind to the GABA receptors in your brain to induce sleep.

This is great because chamomile is completely natural. Our bodies aren’t sensitive to it, so we can add this into our nightly routine without unusual issues.*

You’ll simply feel more relaxed, sleepy, and ready for bed… Which makes it less likely to experience racing thoughts or tossing and turning at night.*

#3 - Melatonin - The Misunderstood Sleep Supplement You Have To Revisit (How Much Do You Need?)

If you’ve tried melatonin in the past, you may have been disappointed with the results. Or, you found it worked really well… But you ended up getting hooked on it!

This isn’t great. We don’t want to be “addicted” to our sleep support supplements or vitamins. We want the ingredients to help us only when we need the help.

That’s why the key is to take a small amount of third-party-tested melatonin. That’s right, just about 1mg of melatonin does the trick.*

Studies show melatonin increases what scientists call the “maintenance of sleep.” It also improves your ability to fall asleep.

However, overdoing it with melatonin can limit the body’s natural ability to produce more. That’s why you want to take a small amount of melatonin in order to get a night of deep, restful sleep.

If you pair these three ingredients together – and take them on a daily basis before bed – you’ll start to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

This means you’ll wake up with more energy and focus in the mornings.

You’ll tear through your work and cross off everything on your to-do list.

Because you’ll be getting deep, restorative rest every single night.

Think about how different life would be if this became the norm.

What would you do with your new energy?

How would you feel knowing that you’re keeping your body healthy?

Truth is, all it takes is adding these three superstar ingredients to your routine.

And for the first time ever, it’s never been easier to do…

Introducing Sleep Magnesium Gummies by Natural Stacks

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These tasty gummies combine magnesium with chamomile and melatonin to promote improved sleep quality.

Fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up feeling refreshed and energized every single morning.*

Here’s a recap of what you’ll find inside…

Magnesium – 200mg

200mg of magnesium to support hundreds of chemical reactions in the body and help you fall asleep faster. Keep in mind, up to 80% of people don’t get enough of this superstar sleep mineral!*

Chamomile Flower Extract – 50mg

One of the most unique ingredients in Natural Stacks supplements, chamomile flower extract helps relax the body and mind, improve digestion, and support a great night’s sleep.

Melatonin – 1mg

Melatonin is one of the most useful sleep promoters available. However, overdoing it with melatonin can limit the body’s natural ability to produce more. That’s why 1mg is perfect for all the benefits without any downsides.




Promotes deep, restorative, restful sleep*

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