Your Brain Needs Help With: Sleep & Relaxation

Your answers suggest you’ve been struggling with sleep and keeping calm... But now you can relax, because MagTech® Magnesium is the perfect way to instantly ease your mind and experience calmness like you never have before!



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Supports Sleep†

Promotes Relaxation†

Supports Memory†

Supports Healthy Cognitive Aging†

What does MagTech® Magnesium do?

MagTech includes magnesium glycinate, a highly bioavailable form of magnesium and a significant source of glycine, an amino acid that promotes deep sleep and the elimination of toxins from the body. MagTech™ is the highest quality magnesium complex on the planet featuring three types of magnesium known to have the highest absorption rates, each with unique biological effects: L-Threonate, Taurate, and Glycinate. Research suggests that the magnesium-l-threonate in MagTech™ is the only form of magnesium proven to cross the blood-brain barrier and:

- Increase synapse density†
- Support healthy cognitive aging†
- Support healthy learning and memory†
- Promote relaxation and support quality sleep†

Achieve Peace With MagTech® Magnesium

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MAGTECH® is the purest, most bioavailable magnesium supplement on the planet. It features the three types of magnesium known to have the highest absorption rates: L-Threonate, Taurate, and Glycinate. Use MAGTECH® to restore your levels, elevate your brain health and improve your sleep.


- Pamalia B.

I have been on prescription sleeping pills for 10 years. Magtech has given me freedom from taking those. I have taken from one to two capsules at night for about two weeks and sleep deeply with dreams... 

- Matthew T.

I take two as soon as I lay in bed at night with a full bottle of water I sleep comfortably all night and I haven't been able to do that for years.

- Dana B.

This product not only supplies my body with much needed minerals and vitamins, but helps to encourage me to take on my days with a more positive outlook by showing my brain how good it feels to be more in balance. Thank you for this product! Every few weeks I feel the effects compound and new neural pathways embed.

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