Studies Reveal How To Regain All-Day Laser Focus – Just Add This Natural Ingredient

Do you get easily distracted, have difficulties focusing, and feel mentally sluggish?

You’re not imagining it.

Across the world, brain researchers are witnessing the gradual decline of the human brain.

Attention spans are down 50% from just 20 years ago.

IQ scores are plummeting to record lows.

Mental health rates are sinking to levels never before seen in history.

And brain health issues are affecting more people at a steadily younger age.

They unanimously agree that it's our modern environment withering away our brain’s potential.

In other words… Thanks to the standard American diet, more toxins in our everyday environment, and over-reliance on screens and technology…

We’ve trapped ourselves in a “brain fog” which impairs our natural abilities of clear thinking, laser focus, and all-day concentration.


The solution to fighting off “brain fog” and regaining your natural ability to focus for hours on end is—like most keys to health—actually hidden in history all along.

An ancient tome called the Pen Tsao Ching from China details a plant root used by members of the Imperial Court.

This plant root has been used for thousands of years now as a superfood – something that skyrockets overall health.

The Chinese Imperial Court was made up of the brightest minds in the country and required passing a series of rigorous exams with hundreds of questions about policy, history, philosophy, poetry, and military strategy.

Many members held such mental strength and focus that they were able to spend days in meditation, recite entire texts word for word, and outsmart the many political factions that tried to take their power.

Over the years, this plant root has been used in small circles of biohackers and health nuts to increase mental capacity and brain function.

What is this highly prized plant root they used to become such mental powerhouses?

Ginkgo Biloba.

And now a thousand years later, scientists are not surprised why.

Research reveals that Ginkgo Biloba offers two unique benefits that fight “brain fog” to provide increased mental sharpness, focus, and clarity.

Ginkgo Prevents “Brain Rust”

Just as raw metal can rust when left exposed to air over time…

Brain cells start to “rust” as they use oxygen for different activities – a process called oxidative stress.

And since our brains have the highest oxygen demand of any organ, taking up a whopping 20% of our oxygen supply despite being only 2% of our bodyweight…

The brain is the most heavily attacked part of our bodies when it comes to oxidative stress.

Ginkgo Biloba is loaded with over 30 antioxidants that helps minimize this oxidative stress.

Clearing out the “rust” on a cellular level and keeping our brains in peak condition for improved focus and attention.

In fact, this effect is so powerful that Ginkgo Biloba has been used in multiple studies to delay the loss of cognitive function in vulnerable populations.

Ginkgo Protects Your Neural Network

Picture the network of neurons in your brain like an “information highway.”

If the roads on this “information highway” are well-maintained, everything moves along smoothly even during peak traffic hours.

Likewise, your brain will easily focus and navigate complex tasks for so long that hours will pass by without you even realizing it.

But if the roads are full of potholes, rubble, and obstructions, it’s very easy for traffic jams to happen even with light traffic.

When this happens, your brain literally cannot focus and pay attention on any tasks more challenging than just watching Netflix.

In other words…

Part of optimal brain function is having a healthy “information highway” of neurons to transmit information quickly and easily…

Allowing you to enjoy better focus, longer attention spans, and greater mental sharpness.

That’s where Ginkgo Biloba comes in.

Ginkgo Biloba is full of unique compounds called ginkgolides that help protect your neurons from various types of chemical and physical damage…

Keeping the “information highway” clear for greater focus and mental sharpness.

That’s why Ginkgo Biloba is the obvious choice and star ingredient in our newest supplement.



Ginkgo+ is the first ginkgo supplement to combine these 3 high-quality natural ingredients for sharper, longer-lasting attention and focus.

Each bottle is openly sourced and third-party tested to provide the most potent, pure and effective dosing of any supplement on the market.

What is in every capsule?

Inside every capsule of Gingko+ you will find these 3 natural ingredients…

125mg Ginkgo Biloba

Used for over a thousand years to improve and maintain brain health.

Ginkgo is a natural ingredient highly prized in both natural and scientific circles for its unrivaled brain benefits.

200mg Asian Ginseng

A neuroprotective 7, 8, 9 with proven effects on improving cognitive performance.

It helps increase your body’s natural resistance against physical, chemical, and biological stress. And reinforces the positive benefits of ginkgo.

200mg Bacopa Monnieri

A herb with clinically studied effects on learning, memory, attention, and info processing 11,12

Combined with Ginkgo and Ginseng, this completes the natural trinity of laser focus and all-day attention span.

No added fillers, preservatives, artificial colors, or binding agents.

Just 3 high-quality ingredients at clinically effective doses packed into easy-swallow vegan capsules.


100% Organic

How should I take it?

Each bottle of Ginkgo+ contains 60 vegan capsules.

Simply take two easy-to-swallow capsules everyday with a glass of water.

How fast does it work?

Remember that you are combating years of environmental influences behind the “brain fog” sapping away at your ability to think clearly, focus, and hold your attention span.

Yet despite this…

Most research shows it takes as little as six weeks (or less) to feel the full effects of ginkgo.

However, you’ll notice some of the focus and attention effects right away on your first day.

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100% Moneyback guarantee





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Natural Stacks products are tested by Intertek, the most respected ISO, ANS and IEC accredited laboratory in the world. This is to ensure the potency and purity of ingredients.

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Other supplement companies list proprietary blends on their labels to avoid disclosing the exact quantities of each ingredient. This is to hide the fact their supplements have too little of each ingredient to be an effective dose.

Natural Stacks products contain a fully transparent ingredient label, listing the quantity of each ingredient used in the product.

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