Extreme Focus & Clean Stimulation*

INTRODUCING: enfinity® Paraxanthine

Need a better version of caffeine? It’s finally here. When caffeine is consumed, it’s converted into three metabolites: theophylline, theobromine, and paraxanthine. Paraxanthine is the primary ingredient in FOCUS BITES. It is the main metabolite of caffeine. 

Roughly 84% of caffeine is metabolized as paraxanthine. Compared to caffeine, paraxanthine exhibits lower toxicity and lesser anxiogenic properties – the effect that triggers jitters and stress. It also may help support memory based on a single human clinical trial. 

This is revolutionary, because you can use the paraxanthine in FOCUS BITES to stay focused without the jitters.

A Jolt of Alertness You Can Feel.*

When you take the paraxanthine in FOCUS BITES, you’ll actually feel the jolt of focus more than from a cup of coffee.* That means you can focus longer on important work and dial into what matters most.* Since you’ll feel that rush of clean energy, you can even take it before a big workout too.* Unlike caffeine, paraxanthine provides clean stimulation.

Watermelon Mint Fast Acting Chewables*

Although we all love our cup of coffee, caffeine has its problems. Too much caffeine causes jitters and shakes. If you’ve ever had a few cups of coffee trying to cram before a deadline, you know that awful feeling. In the afternoon, you end up crashing like a car into a brick wall. Luckily, the paraxanthine in FOCUS BITES is extremely safe. Scientists discovered it has a lower toxicity profile compared to caffeine. It gives you what’s good about caffeine, without the downsides.

is Caffeine Evolved

No compromise, no nonsense

Manufactured in a GMP-certified facility with globally sourced ingredients residing within the United States.

Gluten-free, keto-friendly, vegan-friendly, no artificial flavors or colors or sweeteners, and non-GMO in every serving. Plant-based for a superior formulation.

core benefits of our focus bites

Get Stuff Done Faster*

FOCUS BITES deliver an even, clean stimulation.* This is a cheat code for staying on top of your game. When you hit your desk in the morning, take FOCUS BITES for an unparalleled session of deep work.* You’ll dip right into your flow state and be able to focus better than you ever have before.* As an added bonus, studies find the paraxanthine provides clean stimulation, unlike high amounts of caffeine.

A Focused, Euphoric Feeling In Minutes*

Paraxanthine works quickly. It metabolizes faster than caffeine due to its shorter half life. When you take FOCUS BITES, you will likely notice an improved mood.* While that’s a nice benefit, the real power of paraxanthine is the extreme concentration that comes with it.* You can easily lock into a task.* Clean stimulation. No jittery energy. Just dialed-in focus.* FOCUS BITES also contains a large dose of vitamin B12, which is shown to support your energy production and nervous system. The vitamin B12 amount in FOCUS BITES is about 583% of the traditional Daily Value. This means you’re getting a lot of an energy-supporting vitamin.

Dopamine Support To Achieve Your Goals*

While having more focus is great, what is that focus for? Chances are, you’re trying to focus on a big goal. Good news! The paraxanthine in FOCUS BITES may provide stronger neurotransmitter support than caffeine, based on preclinical animal model research* Since dopamine is known as the “motivation molecule” in the brain, it’s crucial for achieving goals.* Studies find individuals with higher dopamine perform better on difficult tasks. Not only will you be able to focus better without any crash or jitters, FOCUS BITES may help support the healthy production of the neurotransmitter dopamine based on preclinical animal model research.* Achieve your goals in less time, and stay focused on the way there.*

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1-2 flavored bites / day

Take 1-2 melon mint flavored bites per day or as advised by a healthcare practitioner. 30 servings included!

NOTE: Human studies showing paraxanthine benefits are usually at a 200 mg dose. 1 tablet contains 100 mg each.

Daily For 1 Month
Customers notice a pleasant rush of focus and improved cognition.*

Daily For 2 Months
Customers begin to feel more alert and notice better concentration.*

Daily For 3 Months
Customers notice the benefits of more brain power.*

NOTE: Human studies showing paraxanthine benefits are usually at a 200 mg dose. 1 tablet contains 100 mg each.

NOTE: Human studies showing paraxanthine benefits are usually at a 200 mg dose. 1 tablet contains 100 mg each.


enfinity® Paraxanthine – 100mg

enfinity® is the clinically-tested, patented form of paraxanthine inside FOCUS BITES. It’s a cutting-edge ingredient that helps to power your brain and focus intensely on one task. By taking enfinity® paraxanthine, you’ll feel sharper, more alert, and ultra-focused for hours on end.* Luckily, you can experience all these benefits – without any of the downsides.* This is caffeine, evolved.

Vitamin B12 (as Methylcobalamin) – 14mcg

Vitamin B12 is involved in thousands of chemical reactions in the body. It is often used to enhance energy production. With an extra kick of natural energy, this pairs perfectly with the paraxanthine in FOCUS BITES.* Studies even find that vitamin B12 benefits cognitive function in adults. This simple, but effective, formula of vitamin B12 and paraxanthine activates all the energy and focus you need to crush the day ahead.*

The FOCUS BITES Difference

With caffeine causing jitters, crashes, and overstimulation, we needed to make a change. FOCUS BITES is the first natural solution to energy and focus – without the downsides.* It’s a perfect alternative to caffeine, but it gets even better. Because FOCUS BITES uses the clinically-tested enfinity® paraxanthine, it won’t give you that overstimulated feeling other focus supplements do.* Also, FOCUS BITES are the first to use a unique, melon mint flavored bites tablet. It’s a delicious, refreshing, and cost-effective way to stay focused all day long.*

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