Secret Herb Astronauts Use to Relieve Stress in Space

Picture it.

Orbiting 408 km above planet Earth...10

Stuck on a space station 100 meters long...

Squashed like sardines with six other astronauts...

And with no chance of privacy or escape for at least six months.

It’s no wonder one of the biggest challenges to space exploration is stopping astronauts going stir crazy.

Luckily, one team of Russian scientists found a novel way of helping astronauts stay calm and content in space.

And now anyone can benefit from this potent solution on planet Earth too.

A Mood Calming Breakthrough Born from The Cold War

During the Cold War, neither the Soviets nor the US left any stone unturned in the search for an advantage.

This included in the realm of natural compounds...

With Soviet scientists conducting vast experiments into plants and herbs that could give their soldiers the edge in battle.11

One such plant they studied was a golden flowering plant that grows in the frozen wastes of Siberia.

A plant called Rhodiola Rosea.12

The Soviet scientists discovered that Rhodiola can have a remarkable calming effect on the brain.

This calming effect was so potent, in fact, that they started giving Rhodiola extract to their astronauts to cope with the stresses of space travel.

And after taking Rhodiola extract…

The Soviet astronauts were left stunned to discover how positive minded, calm, and content they felt while orbiting in the Mir space station.13

Why the Golden Herb is So Powerful for Positive Moods

The Cold War may be over.

But Rhodiola continues to be one of the most popular herbs for relieving stress... supporting calm moods... and helping people to cope with the challenges of life.

And now modern day scientists know why.

Because Rhodiola is now classed as an ‘adaptogen’.

Which means it helps the body ‘adapt’ to stress.

And the reason Rhodiola helps do this is due to a compound called Rosiridin.

Because Rosiridin helps our bodies manage the ‘stress hormone’ cortisol.14

And with better managed cortisol...

The brain can promote hormones that help us feel calm, content, and joyful instead.

Supports the Brain with Peak Serotonin Starting in 10 Seconds Each Morning

One of the key brain chemicals Rhodiola helps to promote is the ‘happy hormone’ serotonin.15

When we have healthy serotonin levels we feel happy... excited... and optimistic about the future.

But on the flipside, when our serotonin levels are low we can feel worried… moody… and more nervy.

...and four more key Serotonin promoting extracts…

Starting in just 10 seconds each morning.

So that people can lift their spirits… stop stress in its tracks... and enjoy a calm, blissful mood for doing all the things they love.


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