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Dr. Arthur Flick

Dr. Arthur Flick

Dr. Flick has been a leader in the creation of noninvasive healing technologies for more than thirty five years. After receiving his Medical Degree he continued with specialty training in Orthopedic Surgery and Rehabilitation. Following his orthopedic residency Dr. Flick received advanced training in Pain Management, and Wound Management.

Over the years Dr. Flick’s multidisciplinary approach to healing has resulted in numerous patents and the development of innovative medical products that speed the healing process, alleviate pain and reduce swelling. He has worked with the Food and Drug Administration to achieve regulatory approval for numerous medical devices.

As an Senior Research Scientist at the University of Georgia, Dr. Flick has developed several new antimicrobial products that have been shown to be effective in eliminating harmful microbes, bacteria, viruses and fungi from open wounds and ulcerations.

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