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Total Performance Stack™

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For the person who wants it all.

Created for the most demanding Optimizer, the Total Performance Stack leaves no gaps in the Optimization quest. From mental and physical performance, to longevity and wellness essentials, this stack has it all.

  • For the Natural Stacks Connoisseur Who Wants Nothing But the Best
  • A Comprehensive Selection That Offers Total Mind and Body Support
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CILTEP® is a natural nootropic designed to safely enhance the brain's ability to form vivid, long-lasting memories and remain sharply motivated and focused for hours.

Increased focus and mental sharpness

Increased motivation and mental endurance

Enhanced sense of novelty, presence, and awareness

Improved recall and memory formation

Learn More About Ciltep®

MagTech™ is the highest quality magnesium complex on the planet featuring three types of magnesium known to have the highest absorption rates, each with unique biological effects: L-Threonate, Taurate, and Glycinate.

Improved memory and mental clarity

Deeper, restorative and restful sleep

Support for healthy brain activity and learning

Healthy and balanced mood

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Prebiotic+ is a resistant starch compound designed to improve your digestion, metabolism and gut health.

These improvements can lead to positive changes in brain chemistry - particularly serotonin production - in turn creating more positive mood patterns and better quality sleep.

Promotes healthy gut flora & digestive function†

Supports stable blood sugar levels†

Improves mood & sleep quality†

Promotes satiety & curbs food cravings†

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Curcumin w/ Organic Coconut Oil

Research suggests that curcumin supports cellular function by alleviating causes of "wear and tear" through the reduction of oxidative stress and therefore, markers of inflammation like C-Reactive Protein and a number of other enzymes.

Supports normal, healthy joint function†

Maintains normal, healthy celullar function†

Supports healthy brain function, and cognitive aging†

Sustains optimal, healthy metabolic function†

Learn More About Curcumin w/ Organic Coconut Oil
Smart Caffeine®

Smart Caffeine is a highly effective combination of L-theanine and Caffeine. L-theanine is a natural amino acid found in green tea that removes the undesirable side effects of caffeine, creating long-lasting energy and attention without jitters, anxiety, or a crash.

Increased focus and alertness

Short-term memory support

No crash or jitters

Consistent, long-lasting energy

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Dopamine Brain Food™

Dopamine Brain Food™ is designed to support the body's natural production of dopamine, a neurotransmitter essential to the central nervous system.

Support normal neurotransmitter metabolism†

Maintain peak cognitive function†

May provide a mild boost in feelings of motivation†

Reduce brain fog and support clear thoughts†

Learn More About Dopamine Brain Food™
Natural BCAAs™

Natural BCAAs™ combines pharmaceutical grade BCAAs with Beta-Alanine to support optimal physical performance.

Research suggests that BCAAs and Beta-Alanine can work together to improve muscular endurance, prevent fatigue, and promote regenerative growth.

Preserves lean muscle while dieting or fasting†

Maximises endurance & strength output†

Stimulates muscle growth†

Attenuates fatigue†

Learn More About Natural BCAAs™

BioCreatine™ provides the proven mental and physical benefits of creatine monohydrate plus the unique advantages of Himalayan Pink Salt and Fenugreek Extract.

Research suggests that these compounds can help transport creatine into the brain and body without having to consume simple carbohydrates.

Enhances muscle growth and repair†

Supports recovery & physical performance†

Promotes skin elasticity and strong connective tissue†

Supports healthy cell regeneration and joint protection†

Learn More About BioCreatine™
Antarctic Krill Oil

Natural Stacks Krill Oil is cold pressed from sustainably harvested Antarctic Krill (tiny shrimp-like crustaceans). Studies suggest that Krill Oil can ease the body's inflammatory response, improve brain function, relieve joint discomfort, and promote heart health.

Supports Healthy Brain Function & Memory†

Supports the Body's Natural Anti-inflammatory Response†

Promotes Joint and Bone Health†

Supports Healthy Cellular Function†

Learn More About Antarctic Krill Oil
Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 plays an integral role in regulating the neuromuscular and immune systems, as well as mood and sleep. It’s also a critical hormone precursor that supports new cell growth and bone formation.

Supports immune function and bone health†

Regulates over 1,000 genes involved in human health†

Promotes healthy aging†

Supports general health and well-being†

Learn More About Vitamin D3

Open Source

Most companies use "proprietary blends" so they don't have to tell you the amount of each ingredient in their formulas. At Natural Stacks we believe it's your right to know exactly what you're putting into your body. We proudly publish our innovative formulas and ingredient suppliers in an open source format.

Learn About Our Commitment To Transparency

100% Happiness Guarantee

If for whatever reason you're unsatisfied with your Natural Stacks supplements, you can keep the full bottle on us and we'll refund your money. Anything after the first bottle, we'll ask that you return for a refund.

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7 Reviews
Rated 5 out of 5
Review posted

Great stuff.

My only warning is to spread out your doses through out the day. At first they have me bad vertigo as side effect but worth it for the results! More energy, better sleep, more productivity! Don't mix with alcohol!!!

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Rated 5 out of 5
Review posted

Great customer Service

I have been a Natural Stacks customer for a relatively short time now but in the transactions with them the consistent feel is customer focused service. I actually feel valued as a customer. and on top of that the products are high quality and effective. I am feeling great.

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Rated 5 out of 5
Review posted

Not yet received

Haven't yet received my purchase so I can't submit a review!

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Rated 5 out of 5
Review posted

Great deal

I wanted to try the various offerings from Natural Stacks and this is a good option. I took advantage of the Thanksgiving/Cyber Monday promotion. It was more cost effective than buying them individually. I love CILTEP and am looking forward to trying the other products.

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Rated 5 out of 5
Review posted

Full pack review

So far I've been experimenting with the stacks and have good results - I've been using some other nootropics and like Natural Stacks delivery

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