This Is Mental! [The Stack 002]

Hey Stackers,

Happy Mental Health Month, you tremendous mind, you.

We’re all about caring for your consciousness while reducing the societal stigma around mental health.

(That Game of Thrones episode didn't help much did it!?!?!)

Anyway it's time to hop on the brain train - choo choo - and learn what assists your dome in dominating.

Magnesium... kind of a big deal !

Magnesium is a multifaceted mineral, working full-time to tend to the crevices of your egghead. It extends beyond being a manager of muscle movements.

Hara Estroff Marano shares even more in this recent article:

- Magnesium supplementation, compared to a placebo, has been shown to increase the effectiveness of Prozac in the treatment of depression [ref].

- Recent studies reported that magnesium regulates levels of vitamin D. In fact, a deficiency of magnesium can shut down vitamin D synthesis, meaning more likelihood of stress and inflammation [ref].

- Magnesium is naturally found in almonds, leafy greens, pumpkin seeds, cashews, avocados, and dark chocolate, but up to 75% of Americans consume a magnesium deficient diet.

The new research indicates that without adequate intake of magnesium as well, vitamin D has little biological value—it remains stored and inactive.

That has huge ramifications for brain function because vitamin D is also essential to brain health.

The take: Supplementing your diet with a high quality magnesium supplement is vital for optimal health, wellness and brain function.

We happen to know of a really good magnesium right here.

Natural Stacks created uber convenient magnesium drink sticks just for you and you nutrient needs.

MagTech™ Magnesium Drink Mix is a delicious drink is suitable for any diet, containing zero sugar, artificial ingredients, colors, flavors, or additives.

Feeling a little less fruity? Try out our MagTech™ Magnesium Complex.

read more [psychologytoday]

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One Workout = Brain Boost?

The New York Times features a promising new study showing how even one single workout can instantly change the brain and improve memory and information processing.

Adult human brains were thought to be set in structure and function, but new experiments have shown our brains can rewire and reshape [ref].

Exercise can increase brain neurochemicals, neurons, and improves thinking abilities.

A new study from The Journal of the International Neuropsychology Society found that exercise had an immediate effect, with semantic memory (general world knowledge) fueling much greater activity after people exercised when compared to those who rested.

The take: Working out is always a good idea.


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How Tryptophan Naturally Benefits Your Sleep & Mood

Life doesn’t have to feel so crazy all the time. And you don’t need to pack on the pounds in order to relax.

Treat yourself to the teachings of tryptophan and how it naturally benefits your sleep and mood.

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What Else We're Stacking...

- Medical Marijuana May Help Children with Autism [UPI]

- Six Cups of Coffee Per Day May Be The Limit (whoops we are totally guilty here) [ScienceDaily]

- Worried About Ticks this Summer? This is all of the info you need [WaPo]

Here's to having a packed, stacked and wonderful week.

In health,

- Team NS

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