Steal These Longevity Secrets - for Every Age [The Stack 028]

Hi You Youthful Stacker,

Many people think that living longer is largely determined by your genes.

But it turns out that environmental factors, such as diet and lifestyle, are the main ingredients for a long-lasting youth serum.

In this week’s edition of The Stack, we share new studies that contain the secrets to helping you live long, and prosper.

Quiet your brain and live longer

Healthline presented a Medical Journal Nature article showing how a “calm brain”, with less neural activity, could lead to a longer life.

  • Researchers analyzed donated brain tissue from people who died (ages 60 to more than 100 years). 
  • The longest-living people had lower levels of genes related to neural activity. 
    • A protein, called REST, which suppresses neural activity, was found to be associated with neural activity and mortality. 
  • The study showed that daily periods of slowed activity, such as meditation, focusing on one task, or simply being still or sleeping are as important for brain health and longevity as exercise. 

Optimism may hold secret to longer life

Optimism is a psychological attribute characterized by a general expectation that good things will happen. 

The Guardian featured a Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences study that suggested that seeing the positive in life may not only help you live longer in general, but also increases your chance of reaching 85 years or older. 

  • Researchers analyzed data from two previous long-term research projects, one involving female nurses and the other focused on a cohort of men.
  • Women were assessed for optimism in 2004, with participants having an average age of 70 and followed until 2014.
    • The results show the most optimistic group of women had a lifespan almost 15% longer than the least.
  • For men, optimism was assessed in 1986, with participants having an average age of 62, and deaths tracked until 2016.
    • Researchers found the most positive men had life spans almost 11% longer. 
  • Being optimistic was not only linked to a longer lifespan. It was also linked to “exceptional longevity” (living to 85 or older) when health behaviors (exercise, diet, smoking, and alcohol) were also taken into account.
    • The most optimistic group of women having 20% better odds of reaching age 85 than the least. 

Just one slow walk a day could lower risk of early death

Research released from the British Medical Journal and discussed in the Independent suggested that you may not need to hit the get health benefits of exercise. Physical activity of any intensity could make a difference to life expectancy. 

  • Researchers followed 36,383 participants, aged 40 and above, for an average of 5.8 years. 
  • The study compared light activity, such as light tasks (including slow walking, cooking, washing dishes), moderate activity (including brisk walking, vacuuming, or mowing the lawn), and vigorous activity (jogging, carrying heavy loads, digging).
  • They found that any level of physical activity, regardless of intensity, was associated with a substantially lower risk of death. 
    • The largest reduction in risk (60-70 percent) was between the least active and most active participants. 
  • Spending more than nine and a half hours a day sitting (as opposed to standing or walking, for example) is associated with an increased risk of death.

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Cheers to your long-lasting health and happiness Robert!

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Live long. Live happily.

-Natural Stacks


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