Stay Healthy for the Holidays [The Stack 030]

Compliments of the Season Stackers,

Holidays have a way of unleashing our inner consumer-monster.  

From gingerbread lattes to endless champagne toasts, the holidays can make anyone feel like an addict. 

This week’s edition of The Stack teaches us just how dangerous trans fat, alcohol, and marijuana excess can be. Tis the season for moderation. 

How marijuana can increase risk for alcohol overdose 

Healthline featured a new Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research study that discovered when people use alcohol and drugs together, their risk for an alcohol overdose increases. 

  • The study looked at 660 patients who had experienced alcohol poisoning, passing out, or blacking out events. 
  • It found that only 20% of participants had been solely using alcohol at the time.
    • The most common drug used in combination with alcohol was marijuana (43.2%), with the second most common being sedatives (27.9%).
  • Researchers noted in their report that the more drugs people were using in combination with alcohol, the more likely they were to be admitted to the hospital for treatment of an overdose.
    • Possible reasons for related overdose may be increased THC absorption or antiemetic effect (preventing vomiting), resulting in keeping dangerous levels of alcohol in the body.

Alcohol intake and reduced brain volume link

Medical News Today featured a Biological Psychiatry exploring whether alcohol intake reduces brain volume or if a smaller brain volume predisposes individuals to drink more alcohol. 

  • Researchers analyzed data from three separate brain imaging studies (total of 2,423 individuals).
    • Including one that included twins and non-twin siblings with different alcohol intake behaviors and one that involved children who had not had exposure to alcohol.
  • The study provided some evidence that there are genetic factors that lead to both lower grey matter volumes and increased alcohol use.
    • More specifically, higher alcohol intake had a lower gray matter volume in the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex and insula.
      • These brain regions play key roles in emotion, memory, reward cycles, and decision-making.

Dementia risk higher in those who eat more trans fats 

Medical News Today featured a Neurology study that linked trans fat intake to a higher risk of dementia.

  • Using data from an ongoing health study of people living in Hisayama, Japan, researchers examined 1,628 people over 60 years old and without dementia.
  • During the 10 year follow-up, 337 of the participants received a diagnosis of dementia, including 247 for Alzheimer’s disease. 
  • The team ranged the participants in four groups according to their blood levels of trans fat. 
  • After an adjustment of the results for other factors that might influence the risk of dementia, the team found that participants in the highest blood trans fat group had a 52% higher chance of developing dementia during the follow-up compared with the lowest blood trans fat group.

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The best gift you can give yourself is a healthy brain and strong body. 

Celebrating you,

-Natural Stacks


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