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Shocking Springtime Health Facts! [The Stack 003]

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Hello there spring chicken,

The bird’s the word and I’ve got some news for you. Whether you’re soaking in the sun rays or fighting seasonal allergies (Gesundheit), these shocking springtime studies will teach you a thing or two.

Should we screen the sun?

WIRED magazine features a clinical trial proving that sunscreen is more than skin deep. Sunscreen chemicals soak all the way into our bloodstream.  

  • Four common sunscreens were applied at maximal use and tested on 24 healthy participants.
  • They all resulted in plasma (blood) concentrations exceeding the FDA threshold for safety. Confirming that the UV-blocking chemicals seep into circulation.
  • There’s no evidence yet that the chemicals are harmful in the body but this requires further investigation.

Papa’s physical activity affects our brain

A recent PNAS study found that fitness affects offspring’s cognitive function. In this animal study, mice born from physically fit fathers scored better on cognitive tests when compared to sedentary dads.

  • Researchers tested different litters of mice, from the same father. Between the litters, the dads were put on a six-week cardio wheel running regimen.
  • The pups of the physically fit papa mice did better on memory tests than the mice born by the same dad in his lazy phase.
  • In conclusion, transmission of exercise-induced effects through the fathers’ sperm showed improvements of brain physiology and cognitive behavior.

Life is NOT a Race…It is a Journey

Debbie Potts, owner, coach and creator of The WHOLESTIC Coaching Method and author of Life is NOT a Race...It is a Journey, interviews Natural Stack’s very own Roy Krebs. She picks his brain on how to build a better brain.

  • Debbie shares her personal struggles with adrenal exhaustion, but after discovering Natural Stacks, she’s been, “sleeping the best I’ve been sleeping in YEARS!”
  • Roy explains in today’s world we’re on information overload, overstimulating our brains, and burning out neurotransmitters, not giving enough attention to the areas of our brains and bodies that need it the most.
  • He presents a solution: how to optimize individual neurotransmitters and build a toolbox for a better brain.

Lavender & Melatonin DREAM CBD™

Get some of those sweet sleepies with “commodity grade” CBD that’s grown from organic and sustainable farms in Colorado.

DREAM CBD™ combines full-spectrum hemp extract with terpene-rich lavender olive oil and an optimal dose (0.5mg) of melatonin.

More zzz’s? YES please!

Natural Stacks habitué

Garrett, 25 year old doctor of physical therapy student shares his, “obsession for optimizing human performance and movement.”

Garrett uses Natural Stacks to help him recover from workouts. He stands by the Sleep Stack and MagTech™ supplements as ways to repair his damaged muscles and get a good sleep.

“I am able to train almost daily and feel excited to start every training session with how prepared I feel.”

His top priorities are improving workouts and getting good quality sleep. “Ever since I started taking their (Natural Stacks) magnesium supplements and now their CBD products I can’t remember the last time I had a bad night of sleep.”

-Sweet dreams and strength in your workouts Garrett!

What else we're Stacking...

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-Broccoli Sprout Compound May Restore Brain Chemistry Imbalance Linked to Schizophrenia [Science Daily]

-Too much dietary fat in the brain may impact mental health [Medical News Today]

Stay groovy & take your supplements,

-Natural Stacks

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