Pave The Way: Become Your Own Prodigy [The Stack 012]

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 This week’s edition is about the path to a healthier lifestyle. Detouring from dementia and gettin’ it done. 

 These samples of studies map out the right route to protecting your brain and passing by procrastination. Learn how to plop down in the driver’s seat of your life and rev all the way to the finish line. 

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Can social interaction predict cognitive decline?

Medical News Today introduced a new study, from The American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, that proved social interaction may help doctors predict an individual’s risk of cognitive decline and possibly dementia. 

  • Scientists followed 217 older adults (ages 63-89) involved in the Harvard Aging Brain Study, for three years. At the beginning, these participants showed no cognitive deficits.
  • Each participant completed a questionnaire that determined their levels of social interaction and researchers measured levels of beta-amyloid (a risk factor for Alzheimer’s) in each participant’s brain.
  • Overall the authors found no relationship between social interaction and cognitive decline, but they did find a pattern in relation to beta-amyloid. 
  • The influence of social activity was significant in individuals who had the highest levels of beta-amyloid in their brains.

Lifestyle changes that could lower your risk of dementia

BBC featured a new study showing that almost everyone can lower their risk of dementia by living a healthy lifestyle -- even if it runs in your family.

  • Researchers followed almost 200,000 people were for about eight years; analyzing DNA to access their genetic risk of developing dementia.
  • The risk fell by up to a third when they lived a healthy lifestyle based on a combination of exercise, a healthy diet with moderate meat and lots of produce, low to no alcohol, and no smoking. 
  • There were 18 cases of dementia per 1,000 people if they were born with high risk genes and then led an unhealthy lifestyle. 
    • But the risk went down to 11 per 1,000 people during the study if the high-risk people had a healthy lifestyle. 

It’s never going to be perfect, so just get it done

The New York Time’s, Tim Herrera wrote a feature on how agonizing over tiny improvements in your work can prevent you from actually doing the work. 

He presented a theory and study that further explained this concept:

  • Tim Herrera explains that the M.F.D. (Mostly Fine Decision) concept is a minimum result you’re willing to accept -- what you’d be perfectly fine with, rather than a perfect outcome. 
    • The root of the M.F.D. theory lies in the difference between:
      • Maximizers who relentlessly research all possible options in a scenario for fear of missing the “best” one.
      • Satisficers who make quick decisions based on less research. 
  • Research has shown that sacrificers are more satisfied with their decisions than maximizers are. 
  • In other words, just getting it done, whether it’s a decision you have to make or work you have to do, will leave you more satisfied than if you had agonized over the task in the pursuit of perfection.

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Live long and prosper, without procrastinating,

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