One Health Lie, One Misconception, and One Shock [The Stack 018]

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Here at Natural Stacks, we pride ourselves on fighting the phony advertising and shady practices in the supplement industry. That’s why we launched the world’s first open-source supplement company -- zoinks!

Unfortunately, dishonest practices pop-up everywhere; from monster food label lies to brain drug rumors. 

Check out this week’s edition of The Stack, empowering you to see through crooked consumerism and screwy science. 

Largest prosecution of organic fraud in U.S. history

The New Food Economy featured a banger! 

As part of an ongoing federal investigation, the perpetrator of the largest case of organic fraud in the United States History was sentenced to more than 10 years in prison.

  • Between 2010 and 2017, data shows that farmer Randy Constant ran a huge Iowa grain brokerage, selling more than $142 million in falsely claimed “organic” animal feed to livestock farmers in the Midwest. 
    • The livestock was then sold as certified USDA organic label meat, dairy, and eggs. 
  • Randy Constant exploited the organic/conventional price differential by selling fake organic feed at prices that couldn’t be matched by competitors. 
  • Unfortunately the latest update is that Randy Constant was found dead, assumed to be suicide, by carbon monoxide toxicity.

Trust the CBD nerds 

Did that last article get you all stressed out? Don’t worry, Natural Stacks is a company you can trust! 

We’ve got CBD Nerds vouching for us in their latest review.

CBD Nerds, is a review site that buys products from major online brands, they tested Natural Stacks' CBD, and gave their personal experience feedback. 

“We’ve never seen a brand go through the lengths Natural Stacks has to ensure you know about how their capsules were made, but we’re excited to see them raising the bar. Their comprehensive candor is what helps set the stage for more brands to follow suit, because it’s the rigorous steps we want to see to know that the brand genuinely cares.”

Check out CBD nerd’s Natural Stacks CBD review with a handy coupon code ready for you!

Biohackers Lab: what to look for when buying CBD oil 

So what the heck should you look for when you buy CBD oil.

Biohackers Lab, a weekly podcast that regularly interviews health experts, interviewed our very own Roy Krebs to find the answer.

Watch or listen to Natural Stack’s own Roy Krebs, Co-Founder of Natural Stacks, explain the things to look out for when buying CBD oil.

He also talks about the questions you should be asking supplement companies. 

Check out Biohackers Lab interview with Roy Krebs: here 

Prescription stimulants (Adderall) don’t improve focus 

Healthline featured new research that found that people who misuse prescription stimulants to study may feel more energetic but aren’t getting an actual brain boost. 

  • Researchers tested and measured the short- and long-term effects of prescription “study drugs” such as Adderall. 
  • The experiments compared a placebo with 20 milligrams of Adderall. Researchers repeated the tests after 75 minutes, 12 hours, and 24 hours. 
    • Participants’ working memory was tested through manipulating a set of letters while performing simple math equations then regurgitating the letters they remember. 
  • Overall, researchers noted the perceived benefit of executive function (the part of the brain that likes to get stuff done) but no benefit to working memory (the part that fills up with cramming for finals). 

Maternal exposure to fluoridated water may affect children's IQs

Medical News Today brought attention to the fact that 66% of all United States residents receive fluoridated water through their tap water. This has been a public health practice in order to prevent tooth decay.

However, there have been recent concerns about fluoridated drinking water and lower intelligence scores in children. 

  • A new study from JAMA Pediatrics examined 601 pairs of mothers and children (aged 3-4 years) in Canada. 
    • 41% of the moms and children lived in communities with fluoridated tap water. 
  • Researchers measured fluoride exposure during pregnancy via maternal urinary fluoride (MUF) concentrations and well as self-reported intake of tap water and other fluoride drinks.
  • Researchers had access to the children’s IQ scores for 400 mother child pairs out of the 601. 
    • The team adjusted for factors such as the metabolism of fluoride and the intellectual abilities of the children.
  • The analysis revealed an association between a 1 milligram/liter increase in MUF and 4.5 points lower IQ scores in boys. Associations with girls’ IQ scores were statistically insignificant. 

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