How to Stop Feeling Starved for Time [The Stack 026]

Hi there busy you,

Time feels like it’s flying by! 

Compared to previous generations, we have way more time to do the things we enjoy. So why do we always feel like 24 hours is never enough?

Living in a society with constant distractions -- I know I’m not the only one with my smartphone within reach at all times -- has left us losing the ability to slow down. 

This week’s edition of The Stack teaches us the importance of pausing and how to feel like time is on our side. 

How to stop feeling time-starved

Thrive Global’s article, “How to Stop Feeling Time Starved” slaps the shock of stillness across our stressed faces. 

Christine Carter, socialist and happiness expert at UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center, explains that the drastic increase in amount of work and distractions we have, have made us really bad at doing nothing. 

  • Researchers reviewed 11 studies and found that rather than spending six to 15 minutes alone to sit and think, participants prefer mundane external activities and even electric shocks.
    • 67 percent of men and 25 percent of women gave themselves a painful electric shock instead of just sitting there doing nothing. 
    • One participant shocked himself 190 times in 15 minutes!
  • This in part due to “cognitive overload” constant external stimulus called which impairs our ability to think creatively, plan, organize, innovate, solve problems, make decisions, resist temptations, learn new things easily, speak fluently, remember important social information and control emotions.
  • The main take-away was that if we want to be high-functioning and happy, we need to re-learn how to be still. 

Slow down with trusted CBD 

Pure Green Living is an online resource dedicated to promoting scientific research and first-hand experiences on the medical uses of cannabidiol (CBD). They carefully research and review the top CBD brands and products to educate industry professionals, physicians, patients, and the general public. 

They reviewed Natural Stacks Plus CBD products. They loved Natural Stack’s product quality, highest possible standards, and complete transparency. They also gave their personal review of the products:

Omega CBD

“With under 0.3% THC in this product, there are no unwanted psychoactive effects, and there are also no solvents, additives, or fillers to worry about. Here at Pure Green Living, we all deal with different stresses and we found that in taking the Natural Stacks Omega CBD, we have noticed an increase in our ability to cope with daily feelings of stress and does give us a boost of energy and overall calmness.”

Dream CBD 

“We found that Dream CBD lived up to expectations, helping us get some quality sleep after hard training days at the gym and long work hours. We did wake up refreshed despite less than 8 hours of sleep. It really is a dream.”

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Relaxation makes some worriers more anxious

Switching to a slower pace of life may not be easy for everyone...

A Medical News Today article explains that even though the intent of relaxation exercises is to reduce anxiety, it may have the opposite effects for some people.

  • The “contrast avoidance” theory describes that people may make themselves anxious intentionally, as a way to avoid the letdown they might get if something bad were to actually happen.
    • Prof. Newman, developer of the theory, describes: “people may be staying anxious to prevent a large shift in anxiety, but it’s actually healthier to let yourself experience those shifts.”
  • In a new Journal of Affective Disorders study, a team worked with 96 college students, including 32 participants with generalized anxiety disorder and 34 with major depressive disorder. 
    • The experiment began with relaxation exercises, then the participants viewed videos selected with the intention of eliciting fear or sadness. The researchers administered questionnaires to each participant. 
  • Researchers found that people with generalized anxiety disorder were most sensitive to extreme emotional shifts, and that they tended to feel the most anxiety while practicing relaxation techniques
    • Basically the people who are more vulnerable to relaxation-induced anxiety are often the ones who may need it the most. 

Challenges in the diagnosis of magnesium status 

Magnesium is essential for mental health and can help reduce general stress. Yet most Americans don’t get enough.

NCBI published an article on the importance of magnesium and difficulties of diagnosing deficiency. 

  • Magnesium is a critical mineral, involved in about 80% of known metabolic functions, yet about 60% of adults don’t achieve the dietary intake and 45% of Americans are magnesium deficient (associated with hypertension, diabetes, and neurological disorders). 
  • Deficiency may be in part due to 80-90% decline of mineral content in vegetables in the last 100 years. 
  • Multiple factors affect magnesium status including dietary intake, gut concentration and pH levels, weight and gender. This is all in conjunction with the high degree of variability of concentration in intestines, kidneys, and tissue all make it very difficult to diagnose.

MagTech® Magnesium Drink Mix

Help regain your ability to slow down with this delicious drink! 

MagTech™ Magnesium Drink Mix mixes smoothly with your beverage of choice--hot or cold-- and can be enjoyed at anytime of day. Packaged in convenient single-serving stick packs, you can enjoy the benefits of magnesium anywhere you go.

Currently available in natural lemonade flavor, MagTech™ drink mix is suitable for any diet, contains zero sugar, artificial ingredients, colors, flavors, or additives.

MagTech™ Magnesium Drink Mix contains the only form of magnesium proven to cross the blood brain barrier for significant mental benefits.

  • Magnesium L-Threonate for the mind 
  • Magnesium Taurate for the body
  • Magnesium Glycinate for sleep and relaxation

Take a moment with magnesium to find your mind again.

Natural Stacks habitué

Michael is a writer and mental health professional, working with adults with developmental disabilities. 

He knows the importance of a good night’s sleep, but painfully struggled to get it. 

“I feel like I've tried everything to help me sleep soundly at night. My problem is FALLING asleep. Not staying asleep. I was looking for a natural supplement that wouldn't leave me feeling like I've been hit by a truck in the morning. Something that would calm my body and mind when used in tandem with healthy sleep hygiene, meditation, and diet.”

Then, he discovered Natural Stacks MagTech®

“MAGTECH has helped me get a solid night's sleep. This is major. I work in a high stress environment and without sleep, have a very difficult time managing my own anxiety and bipolar disorder. 8 hours of decent sleep is AS important as any mood regulating pharmaceutical drug.”

He found his perfect balance with Natural Stacks...

“There are no "magic pills." BUT Natural Stacks supplements work when used in collaboration with other healthy life choices like exercise, diet, sleep hygiene, and therapy.”

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Life can be noisy...take a moment for your mind, and find your quiet time.

-Natural Stacks


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