Get A Little Dirty For Better Health! [The Stack 006]

Howdy there Stackers,

Today, let’s sink our hands into mother nature and learn more about the outdoors.

From getting down and dirty with beneficial bacteria found in soil to surprising ways mental health is linked to seasonal allergies, these studies bring us back to earth.

Soil bacteria may protect against stress

A new Psychopharmacology study featured in Medical News Today explains why digging in some dirt can benefit our mental health.

  • The bacteria, Mycobacterium vaccae, that live in soil, create an anti-inflammatory fat that can promote stress resilience.
  • Researchers identified a unique anti-inflammatory triglyceride from the soil bacteria that was then tested in mouse immune cells.
  • The fatty acid blocked a number of inflammation-driving pathways - which may relate to decreased inflammation, improved immunity, and benefits to mental health.

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CBD oil may help limit cravings and anxiety in heroin users

Interesting findings from the NIH were reported in NBC Health News. CBD oil may reduce cue-induced cravings and anxiety in individuals with a history of heroin abuse - a possible addiction aid.

  • Researchers looked at 42 drug-abstinent adults with previous heroin use disorder - half received CBD (400 mg or 800 mg once daily) and the others received a placebo.
  • Participants were then exposed to drug-related cues during the course of three sessions: right after administration, 24 hours after administration, and seven days after daily administration.
  • Those who received CBD had significantly reduced drug cravings as well as less reported and measured anxiety (reduced heart rate and cortisol levels).
  • The CBD continued to reduce cravings for anxiety for seven days, well beyond the time the drug is expected to be present in the body.

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Are allergies linked to anxiety and depression?

In another study featured in Medical News Today, the association between depression and anxiety and the presence of different types of allergies were explored.

  • The investigators separated 1,782 participants into four groups, according to their type of allergy reaction:
    • Allergy-free
    • Seasonal allergies
    • Perennial (year-long allergies) such as animal hair
    • Other allergies such as food and insect stings
  • Participants were then asked additional questions about mental health (focusing on depression, generalized anxiety disorders, and stress).
  • The researchers concluded that individuals who live with generalized anxiety tend to have seasonal allergies and individuals with year-long allergies were more likely to have depression.

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Until next time, have a little fun in the sun (unless you have bad allergies of course)!

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-Team NS


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