Do Good For Your Gut! [The Stack 005]

Hey there Stackers,

This week’s edition is all about those itty bitty bugs all up inside your tums.

The community of bacteria that reside in your gut impact all aspects of health, from immunity to anxiety and disease. These new studies confirm the favor of your flora.

Learn about the ins and outs, about what’s going on with your ins and outs.

Alleviate anxiety by regulating gut bacteria

Science Daily featured a BMJ review on 21 studies that link gut bacteria to mental disorders -- including both probiotic and dietary changes.  

  • 21 total studies were reviewed, investigating if current evidence supports the relationship between anxiety symptoms and gut bacteria -- 14 studies tested probiotics and 7 focused on dietary changes.
  • 52% of studies (11 out of 21) showed a positive effect on anxiety symptoms through regulating intestinal microbiota.
  • 36% of probiotic-based studies and 86% of dietary change-based studies found changes effective in reducing anxiety.

Antibiotics may help curb Alzheimer’s symptoms

A JEM study featured in Medical News Today showed that long-term antibiotic use slowed the growth and development of Alzheimer’s symptoms in male mice due to a change in gut bacteria.

  • Researchers discovered that antibiotics reduced inflammation and slowed the growth of amyloid plaques (disrupt brain cell function and lead to symptoms of Alzheimer’s).
  • The research found that changes to the microbiome slowed the growth of amyloid plaques in male mice only, not in females.
  • For female mice, the gut microbiome changes affected their immune system, increasing factors that could increase inflammation.

Why fermented foods benefit immune health

PLOS Genetics study conducted by a team at the University of Leipzig uncovered a cell function that explains how fermented foods benefit immune health.

  • A cell receptor called HCA3 is a protein that is unique to humans and great apes.
  • HCA3 is receptive to a particular byproduct of lactic acid bacteria activity. When they bind, it triggers a signal that alerts the immune system to the presence of the bacteria.
  • In other words, lactic acid bacteria (found in fermented foods like milk, sauerkraut, and cabbage) mediate beneficial and anti-inflammatory effects in humans.

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