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Joe Scola: Discussing Tea With Wise Ape Tea - OPP 176

Table of Contents:

Today's episode of the OPP we feature guest Joe Scola, who is the founder of Wise Ape Tea. They specialize in Adaptogenic teas, which regulate stress for your body. We get into some HEAVY tea topics: like the weirdest blend of tea, the historic origins of tea, and discuss how adding in CBDs affects tea. Wise Ape also partners with many organizations, and for each tea sale they donate a chunk of the proceeds to these organizations which is awesome! Each of their three teas is partnered with a specific charitable organization so go out there, buy your favorite tea, and contribute to a great cause! Two birds with one stone!


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Episode Outline

  • Intro [6:18]
  • What’s in Joe body? [6:56]
  • How did Joe get in to Tea? [10:14]
  • Adaptogens in tea [16:05]
  • Weirdest Tea Blend Joe has tried [21:05]
  • Does the US prefer coffee over tea? [30:30]
  • CBDs in Tea  [37:10]
  • Weirdest Tea Adaptogen [42:23]
  • East Coast Tea Culture [47:40]
  • Tea Ceremonies [52:31]
  • Special Water in Wise Ape Tea? [59:25]
  • Tea Pot Talk [62:19]
  • Wise Ape Donations [65:35]
  • Outro [70:40]

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