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Mary Shenouda The Paleo Chef Returns! OPP 175

Table of Contents:

Today's episode of the OPP marks the return of Mary Shenouda, AKA The Paleo Chef! Mary is an OPP OG and was our guest for OPP #112 titled Making S*** Happen. This podcast is more of a natural free flowing conversation, which allowed us to catch up with our old friend. We discuss what in the world she's been up to since we last spoke, her views on modern living, and just how The Paleo Chef stays crushing life.


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Episode Outline

  • Intro [5:20]
  • Solo Entrepreneurship [6:33]
  • Mary’s Team [10:07]
  • Does Mary cook with Natural Stacks products? [11:34]
  • An Entrepreneuer’s Mentality [12:50]
  • The Sports Analogy [17:27]
  • How did Mary get to this point?  [18:51]
  • No safety nets! [25:21]
  • Listen to your gut [27:30]
  • Dietary Discipline [31:28]
  • Put in the work 38:28]
  • Mary’s Group [47:41]
  • Food Allergies [51:12]
  • Cannabis & CBD in Food [58:50]
  • What’s next for the Paleo Chef? [62:02]
  • Outro [66:49]

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