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Calvin Balaster: Recovering From Traumatic Brain Injuries Through Food [OPP 172]

Table of Contents:

In 2011, Cavin Balaster survived a two-story fall, was comatose for twelve days, diagnosed with a diffuse axonal injury (DAI) and was given less than a 10% chance of recovery.

Once awake, he suffered from severe brain fog, memory loss, breathing problems, double-vision, serious infections, and was ultimately unable to eat, walk, or talk for several months.

And yet he was able to bounce back better than ever, learning how to improve brain function and repair the damage from the ground up.

Cavin Balaster is an expert on traumatic brain injury and author of the book How To Feed A Brain. He joins us for this episode of the Optimal Performance Podcast to share his story and to teach us everything he's learned about fixing a broken brain and the steps we can all take to maximize mental performance.

OPP 172


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Episode Outline

  • Intro [1:16]
  • Cavin’s Stack [6:30]
  • Pre-TBI Mentality [9:25]
  • Nutrition for Brain Recovery [15:32]
  • What does your body prefer? [19:20]
  • The Brain-Gut Connection [22:36]
  • What do you take for inflammation? [28:22]
  • Cavin’s Clients [30:12]
  • Nutrients through feeding tube diet [34:57]
  • Improving Eye Function [39:24]
  • Meditation techniques [46:04]
  • Where do you stand on cannabis and CBD? [58:36]
  • What’s next for Cavin? [62:24]
  • Outro [69:46]

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