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209 How To Improve Your Bad Tech Habits with Robert Plotkin

Table of Contents:

Hacking Email, Cell, Text and Social Media Use - Mindfully 

We touch our phones over 2,600 times per day. It can be a major time suck and it also contributing to our society's growing anxiety. 

Luckily Robert Plotkin has a plan for us. Robert is an expert in mindful uses of technology. Good thing too, since he's uniquely qualified to help. He's a MIT grad in Computer Science, a patent attorney for emerging technology and founder of Technology For Mindfulness

We're all guilty of over-using our phone: when we're not even thinking about it, when waiting in a line, as a reaction to ordinary down-time. 

Thing is, there are simple techniques we can drill in order to break the bad habits we've developed. 

In this episode we cover:

• Techniques to manage our cellphone use like setting limits on apps

• Simplifying the way we use computers to be more productive

• The psychology of using pen and paper for creative brainstorming

• Optimal Email techniques like time-blocking, batching and categories

• A simple technique to prepare yourself before using social media

• A real-time exercise to break unconscious phone grabbing


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