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201 Smashing Your Productivity with Craig Ballantyne

Table of Contents:

5 books, 7+ Million views, Masterminds and Coaching with one of the modern masters of productivity

Craig Ballantyne is a beast. When it comes to crafting your life to reach your goals, Craig has a lot to share. 

Author, entrepreneur, coach, workshop host and speaker - Craig is well known in the personal development space for his approach productivity.

With titles like:

Overcoming the Black Box of Anxiety, The Perfect Day Formula and Unstoppable, Craig knows how to execute - and he's bringing many people with him. 

In this episode we cover:

• The power of planning every day as far in advance as possible

• The effectiveness of singular focus (no matter what you're doing)

• Turning weakness into strength

• A key teaching from Stoic Philosopher Epictetus

• Why hiring a coach may be the best investment you can make


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