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Daniel Chao: Accelerating Improvements in Skills Based Training with Halo Sport [OPP 163]

Table of Contents:

This week we speak with Daniel Chao, co-founder and CEO of Halo Neuroscience and creator of the Halo Sport.  It’s the world’s first and only neural stimulator to accelerate improvement in athletic strength and skills based training.

I’ve been using a Halo Sport for the last month or so and it’s pretty incredible. It sends low grade electric currents into your motor cortex and is used by professional athletes, dancers, musicians, artists, fitness enthusiasts and any other skill based sport/activity you can think of.

The Halo Sport was developed by neuroscientists and bioengineers and the first headset to let you train, hard, smart, and refine your skills so that you can master any physical skill or sport.  When you put the Halo Sport on it can accelerate your learning and unlock a higher level of training so you can see faster results.

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  • Intro [4:30]
  • Daniel Chao’s Stack [5:00]
  • Halo Neuro Origin Story [5:20]
  • Key Research Supporting Neural Stimulation [10:00]
  • First experience with the Halo Sport [12:30]
  • Personal Cycling Bests at 44 with Neural Stimulation [15:00]
  • Explaining TDCS and Halo Sport [18:00]
  • Halo Sport for Training vs Performance [23:00]
  • Sean’s Experience with Halo Sport [32:00]
  • How is an increase in performance measured? [40:30]
  • Success Story: TJ Carey [45:30]
  • Safety Data and Halo Neuro [52:00]
  • Compare to Neural Feedback? [56:30]
  • Who is Halo Sport for? [57:30]
  • Stretching with Halo Sport [63:30]
  • Using our knowledge of the brain to our advantage. [67:00]
  • Outro [70:15]


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