Wholegrain Can Lower Risk of Hypertension

Non-communicable diseases are some of the most common causes of mortality worldwide.

Some of them, like cardiovascular diseases, kidney, and metabolic diseases, share similar risk factors that can be significantly reduced with a change in diet and lifestyle. [1]

One example is the consumption of wholegrain foods.

Some of the best whole grain foods are brown rice, whole oats, whole-grain rye, buckwheat, millet, whole-grain barley, and many more.

Processed carbs often get frowned upon, but wholegrain foods have the green light because of their proven health benefits.

These foods nourish the body very well because they’re packed with vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

Several studies show that whole-grain consumption can reduce several risk factors for these diseases, especially blood pressure and cholesterol levels. [2]

A recent study published in the journal Nutrients has investigated the effect of whole-grain consumption on risk factors for cardiovascular diseases, and liver and metabolic diseases.

The Details

After surveying more than 6000 people, the study included around 3000 participants over the age of 18 who had risk factors for cardiovascular, liver, and metabolic diseases, and who weren’t taking insulin.

They underwent dietary assessments on their consumption of different types of foods, such as fruit, vegetables, wholegrain foods, sweetened beverages, dairy, fish, and fats.

The frequency of wholegrain consumption was recorded, as well as legumes, fruit, and vegetables because they are also important sources of fiber.

The results of the study showed that regular whole grain consumption is associated with a lower risk of developing cardiovascular, kidney, and metabolic diseases.

According to the final assessments, the participants who consumed whole grains regularly had an approximately 39% lower risk of hypertension than those who didn’t.

Bottom Line

Wholegrain foods are healthy in themselves, and their ability to lower the risk of some diseases is an added plus.

They are a great alternative to processed carbs, so it remains to see what future studies will discover.

Resource: Lanuza, F.; Zamora-Ros, R.; Hidalgo-Liberona, N.; Andrés-Lacueva, C.; Meroño, T. Wholegrain Consumption and Risk Factors for Cardiorenal Metabolic Diseases in Chile: A Cross-Sectional Analysis of 2016–2017 Health National Survey. Nutrients 2020, 12, 2815. doi:https://doi.org/10.3390/nu12092815 



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