Refined Deep-Sea Water Improves Gut Ecosystem


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Refined Deep-Sea Water Improves Gut Ecosystem

Some of the current world trends today include a widened interest in healthy food and nutrition.

In the last few years, people have been becoming more and more conscious of the kind of food they consume and have started paying more attention to their bodies.

Therefore, there are many new discoveries in the gastronomic world and a lot of new information regarding the benefits of good nutrition.

The Gut

The gut in relation to the well-being of the body has been a frequent area of interest because of its role in regulating the immune system and the gut-brain axis.

The gut ecosystem is composed of microbiota, microbiota-derived substances, what we eat and drink, and the balance between these elements.

When the balance is off, it can negatively impact not only the intestines but also our general health.

Probiotics, prebiotics, and other functional foods are generally considered to be helpful in maintaining the balance between the good and the bad bacteria.

Deep-Sea Water

Recently, there has been new research on deep-sea water as a source of numerous benefits for the gut ecosystem.

Deep-sea water is obtained from depths of over 200m.

Its mineral content is incredibly high, as is the number of active nutritional species.

Previous research has shown that refined deep-sea water has a positive effect on high cholesterol, high hypertension, obesity, diabetes, and atherogenesis, among others, and it doesn’t have adverse effects. [1] [2] [3] [4]

However, its exact mechanism of action is still unclear.

One hypothesis is that it acts through the gut ecosystem, which is what a recently published study aimed to investigate.

The Details

The goal of the study was to gain new insights into the overall benefits of drinking refined deep-sea water, as well as examine its effects on the gut.

The study lasted for 12 weeks during which the two groups of participants consumed 1L/day of regular mineral water or refined deep-sea water, respectively.

Here’s what was found:

  • Refined deep-sea water has relieved constipation in 94% of the participants, compared to 60% of the group who consumed mineral water;
  • Refined deep-sea water impacted the production of short-chain fatty acids in the gut, compared to mineral water. Short-chain fatty acids are the main products of the microbiota through the fermentation of dietary fiber. They can influence the gut-brain axis.
  • In Conclusion

    Even though it’s somewhat novel, refined deep-sea water may not be too far from expanding into the market.

    According to the researchers of this study, the results of the study “support the use of RDSW (refined deep-sea water) as a beverage that promotes intestinal and systemic health.”

    Resource: Takeuchi, H.; Higuchi, K.; Yoshikane, Y.; Takagi, R.; Tokuhiro, S.; Takenaka, K.; Oboshi, W.; Kimura, A.; Islam, J.M.; Kaneko, A.; Sato, S.; Ishizuka, S. Drinking Refined Deep-Sea Water Improves the Gut Ecosystem with Beneficial Effects on Intestinal Health in Humans: A Randomized Double-Blind Controlled Trial. Nutrients 2020, 12, 2646. doi: 



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