How to Use Nature, Sunlight, and Any Climate to Improve Health & Wellness

We're all for optimization and pushing the limits of human potential.

And when that pursuit of better living leads us to methods that combine modern science with nature, we are all ears.

David Limacher sheds light (pun intended) on several of these lesser known winning combinations, or "biohacks".

Keep reading for some unconventional hacks to increase your vitality, energy, and wellness.


Meet David Limacher

After the success of our blog post on boosting mitochondria, we reached out to David Limacher to bring you more science-backed, nature-based performance upgrades.

We explore the impact of sunlight on hormones, sleep, growth, digestion, make a case for ditching sunglasses, and explain how eating eggs (yes, eggs) can optimize your sun exposure.

We investigate Elk Antler Velvet - from the advantages of modern elk "farming", to the ancient traditions of eating, even bathing in, elk antler velvet.

David shares tips for leveraging cold temperatures, trees, and other environmental factors that can boost wellness. 

And we explore the benefits - and practicality - of eating foods that are native to your latitude and in season.

From staring at sunrises, to going shirtless in sub-freezing temperatures, to tree hugging and everything in between, David explains how we can all take cues from our own unique environment to create a "biohacking" routine customized to our geographic location. 

Listen to the Optimal Performance Podcast on-the-go:

What You'll From David Limacher on the Optimal Performance Podcast

  • The VIGR Lifestyle values
  • How to NOT listen to the naysayers
  • The books and resources that launched David's personal and professional growth
  • Elk Antler Velvet: Powerful ancestral health "hack" or supplement industry myth/scam
  • Why David eats eggs before sun exposure and tanning
  • Magnetizing water to increase absorption and health benefits
  • Why you make want to reconsider sunglasses
  • Eat what grows and lives at your latitude
  • Take cues from your environment: Canadians and Floridians should optimize health with different techniques based on natural resources available to them
  • Using telepathy and your heart field to attract what you want
  • Phosphorus and consciousness
  • Why health and fitness is not "one size fits all"
  • Where to find more of David Limacher and VIGR Health
  • David's Top 3 Tips to #LiveOptimal

Links and Resources

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David Limacher on Facebook & Instagram

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Food Inc.

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Earl Nightengale

Gerald Pollack's TEDx Talk:

Natural Stacks blog: 5 Ways to Boost Mitochondria 

Jack Kruse on Carotenoids, Curcumin, Sunlight and Quantum Biology

Magnetico Sleep Pad

Hemi Sync

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