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This week, Tyler, who has been a Natural Stacks customer gives us a very in-depth review of some of his favorite supplements as well as a few new additions to his regime. He shares statistics from his sleep tracking device. 

He has been an active contributor on our Facebook group page and his understanding of the science behind our products and his knowledge caught our attention.

He touches on how understanding your own tolerance as well as situational dosing have a strong impact in the effectiveness of any supplement. 

He has also allowed us to share his instagram page with you all, @tww0711 but we'll let Tyler take over from here and share his experience..


Recently I had the pleasure of testing out several different Natural Stacks products, of which I made an attempt to log both subjective and objective results where applicable.  Before diving in, I would like to preface that I am not employed by Natural Stacks, and furthermore when conversing with one of their representatives that provided the products to be tested, I was repeatedly advised to be absolutely transparent in my experience…albeit good or bad.  I provide that preface, b/c this level of transparency is utterly important especially in an industry plagued with charlatans.

Just a few weeks ago, I received an assorted shipment of Krill Oil, Dream CBD, Omega CBD, MagTech, and Curcumin.  While I have purchased Krill Oil and MagTech in the past, the other products were completely new to me. This combination was perfect for testing out since I am the father of a 6-month-old little lady, and sleep has become increasingly important.  

Everything looked in order, but as I read the dosage for the CBD products, my first thought was “well this will not be enough mg(s) to induce much of an effect.”  If you look at most of the studies done with CBD, the dosages start at 10-fold of what is typically provided as a serving from most CBD vendors. Granted the studies are looking at cases of severe sleep issues and/or mental disorders, but the difference in dosing, in my opinion, should be relatively close.  With that said, the studies I looked at use a CBD isolate, whereas Natural Stacks has opted for a full spectrum extract, which helps facilitate what is referred to as the entourage effect – a cool way of implying other constituents of the plant provide a synergy in effects.

So enough boring chatter, what was my opinion of the products?


Curcumin – I do not have much in the way of aches and pains, so luckily, I had a long-boarding accident a week after receiving the shipment.  The next morning, I realized my wrist was really sore, not swollen, just sore. Since curcumin is relatively benign with regard to side effects, I opted to triple the dose noted on the bottle along with some of the krill oil and noticed a reduction in pain and ROM limitations.  I continued this protocol for the next 2 days until I did not need to anymore.  Since my fall on the board, I have not had any additional injuries, so I have simply intermittently used the recommended dose simply as insurance for brain health and general inflammation modulation.

Krill Oil – I cannot feel krill oil, no matter the dosage, but there is convincing evidence to support that a diet rich in omega 3’s may have a myriad of benefits on health and healthspan.  That being said, krill oil supplies one of the most bioavailable forms of DHA, being in its phospholipid form. I’m all about brain health and maximizing healthspan, so this is a no-brainer for me, it helps fill my gaps on days where I am too lazy to intake seafood.  Oh yea, there is an added benefit of astaxanthin, which can help with skin health in the context of sun exposure, especially with light complected people like myself.

Dream/Omega CBD – Ingredients looked cool but as stated above, the dosing was not optimal for me, hence the reason I grouped these two together.  Since I did not want too much melatonin at night (they used the perfect amount for one dose), I decided to titrate up the dose until I got a positive effect on sleep.  Dream comes in 15mg dose while Omega in a 10mg dose. I started with just a dose of Dream, then later added 1 dose of Dream and 1 dose of Omega and continued to titrate the Omega up until I was at 55mg per night.  While some people will respond at lower doses, the 55mg moved the needle on my sleep quality, of which I track on the Oura ring. This is a great product and if you are sensitive to CBD, then this product will work very well for you, but since I personally require a much higher dose, it is not financially feasible for me.  Either way, kudos to Natural Stacks for sourcing an extract that is full spectrum and single strain – so you know what you are getting.

MagTech – Let me just start by saying I am bias to MagTech.  I really like this product, hence why I have purchased it from Natural Stacks before for myself and for my wife throughout her pregnancy.  If you are of the small percent of Americans that does not have a deficiency in magnesium, this product may not be for you, but for the large majority of us, this stuff is top notch.  My best sleep scores have come from using the CBD product and MagTech in conjunction, but even without the CBD, MagTech moves the needle on my sleep quality…. consistently.

Please see the pics included as examples of nights where I stacked both the CBD and MagTech products.  

You will notice in the chart that my averages for sleep and readiness score are respectively 78 & 73 – again not great scores but keep in mind I have a 6-month-old.

In the screenshots of the Oura app below, you will notice that I was able to consistently achieve scores well into the 80’s for both sleep and readiness, when using the previously mentioned stack.  Natural Stacks did a great job of combining 3 different forms of highly bioavailable magnesium, which can have some level of tissue specificity, hence the need for a variety. I can’t say enough about this product, and therefore saved the best for last – this is my go to!


At the end of testing these products, I am happy with all of them.  Obviously, I would like to see the CBD at a higher dose, but that may affect those who are much more sensitive, so I get it.  It’s clear that I’m a fanboy of MagTech, but I truly believe in the others, especially the krill oil. Outside of product quality, I really like Natural Stacks whole approach to their business.  As mentioned earlier, I was encouraged to be fully transparent on my experience with each product regardless of whether it was positive or negative.

On top of wanting honest feedback, I am encouraged by their mentality behind the Open Source movement.  Also, in a society where people “have to have it now”, their fulfillment logistics are fast and accurate, making it a smooth consumer experience; but what I am most impressed by is their customer engagement and seemingly overall focus on going the extra mile.  

I have been a Natural Stacks customer for several years, on my own dime, and will continue to be a loyal customer.


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