Taylor Collins: How EPIC Bars is Changing The Food and Farming Industries

Taylor Collins lives an EPIC life.

From his daybreak nature hikes, to bow hunting Elk on the EPIC Bison ranch in Colorado, to swimming with dolphins in Hawaii, this co-founder of EPIC Provisions is doing his part to inspire and help millions of people every day. 

A few years ago, Taylor and his wife Katie, the other co-founder of EPIC, found themselves need of a food source that could sustain them - no, replenish, nuerish and rejuvenate them - for even more EPIC performance and adventure.

As accomplished triathletes looking for a performance edge, they converted from vegetarians, switched to an ancestral approach to nutrition (and living), created their fast-growing jerky company and have helped push the grass-fed food and farming movements onto the verge of a full-scale revolution.

Their start-up EPIC Provisions, was recently purchased by General Mills and as Taylor says, all eyes are on EPIC and General Mills, anxiously awaiting the outcome of this monumental "experiment" as Taylor calls it.

Can tiny little EPIC be the catalyst for the change in farming and food that we've been waiting for?

According to Taylor, the answer is yes. I believe him - in part because I want to see that change - but I also think he's onto something.

Enjoy this episode of the Optimal Performance Podcast and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


Here's what you'll learn from EPIC co-founder Taylor Collins on this episode of the Optimal Performance Podcast:

  • How the co-founders of EPIC Provisions go on EPIC vacations to Hawaii and other outdoor adventures
  • How this adventurer and business owner "hacks" his morning and workouts for optimal physical and mental performance 
  • Book recommendations and the scientific connection between exercise and the brain, and the ancestral approach to a holistic lifestyle
  • From vegetarian triathletes to meat-eating, adventure-seeking, agricultural and food industry revolutionaries (game changers?)
  • What your blood type can tell you about your ancestry, the food you should eat, even the job you should have
  • Whole Foods told Taylor and Katie "no, this is a bad idea"...they did it anyway, and now Whole Foods is a major distributor of EPIC Provisions
  • How passion can trump experience 
  • EPIC's initiatives to change the destructive, resource-depleting industrial farming practices into sustainable - even restorative - farms that provide higher quality foods and a "net positive" for the environment
  • "The Whole Animal Initiative" and how less waste can lead to better futures for ranchers and meat producers 
  • Why our ancestors preferred organ meats and actually threw the muscle cuts to their dogs
  • EPIC was bought-out by General Mills...what does this marriage between "big food" and the small grass-fed industry mean for the future of our movement?
  • Accelerating the positive impact on the planet; creating oppurtunities for team/ranchers/manufacturers; and producing revenue - the monumental holy trinity that EPIC is striving for in order to prove that these methods can be reproduced to revolutionize the food and farming industries
  • Where can you find more of EPIC & Taylor Collins
  • Taylor's Top 3 Tips To #LiveOptimal

Links & Resources

EPIC Website


Eat Right For Your Blood Type book

Find your local grass-fed farmers with Eat Wild's Grass-Fed Farm Directory

White Oak Pastures in Southern Georgia

Field & Stream - watch for the "Hunt to Harvest" Elk video

Barefoot Provisions - A great online resource for your primal hunting and gathering provisions.

Thrive Market - Another great resource for all your ancestral food needs.

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