"People around me wonder how the heck I accomplish so much.."

Customer Spotlight: Josephine T

This week, we had the please of connecting with one of our most loyal customers and more importantly, a recent first time mom! Congrats, Josephine and family! We are so thankful for her time and so proud to call her a Natural Stack customer. She was generous enough to let us in on her busy day and share with us her experience.


Who are you, what do you do, what makes you unique?

I’m a first time mom which is amazing and very demanding! I work full time in the pharmacy industry and although I do believe pharmaceuticals can serve a purpose at times I do whatever I can to prevent the need. I believe we need to make greater strides in preventative care and lifestyle changes!

When did you first hear about Natural Stacks? 

I first heard about Natural Stacks from a bulletproof podcast, about Ciltep. At the time I was taking Piracetam and Alpha Brain. I decided to try out Ciltep due the glowing reviews and the rest is history. I now take over ten of your products!

What has been your experience with Natural Stacks so far?

I couldn’t say enough good things about Natural Stacks. I love these products and some I will absolutely not go without. I appreciate knowing where each supplement comes from and exactly what I am putting in my body. The customer care is on point and the special deals come often enough to grab extra without destroying the bank. This is a company that cares about making real change for the supplement world and individual. Who wouldn’t appreciate that

What supplements are you currently taking and how have they affected your daily life?

[Photo Credit: Josephine T]

Being a first time mother has certainly changed my daily routines! I try to wake up before our daughter so that I can start the day off well for my wellbeing.  I will be intentional to straighten up the house, for me it feels like I’m wiping the slate clean. I put together my supplements for the day, and get my go to drink of the day a Matcha green tea with collagen. Now that doesn’t always work out the way I want it too, some days I don’t get to the above mentioned for several hours post waking up but I’ll take it! Typically I setup my supplements for the entire day every morning. I take a handful on an empty stomach and then some I take throughout the day. My morning stack typically consists of 1 Smart Caffeine, 1 Dopamine, 1 Acetylcholine, 2 MycoMind, and 2 Krill Oil. Later in the day to get my productivity going again and stress levels down I’ll take 2 Serotonin. Several times a day I take 2 Vitamin C alongside 2 MycoImmune. My night stack consists of 2 Vitamin C, 2 Curcumin, and 2 GABA. I do want to add a little disclaimer here, everything I take I have first consulted with my primary care, and lactation specialist, use wisdom whenever starting a new supplement, there is always more than one thing to consider. 

These supplements have seriously upped my capacity to take on what each day holds, I can’t express enough how much better I sleep thanks  to GABA, and how MycoMind has seemingly kept my brain clear and performing on a whole other level on next  to no sleep when those nights occur. MycoImmune is somehow magic I’m telling you, my husband, mother, and friends all got sick this season. I was so worried I or our daughter was going to get hit too. But we didn’t get sick at all, and that is saying something as I am prone to sinus infections galore. There is just too much to get done each day for my full time job, and then to be fully present for my daughter and husband. I don’t want to look back and go I should have done this or entertain the what if’s ...People around me wonder how the heck I accomplish so much, I’m looking to keep that up!

What has it been like balancing a full-time job and being a first time mom?

Achieving work-mom balance is something I’m still working on some days. I have a pretty demanding job, requiring me to adapt quickly and successfully in supporting 28 direct reports and managing multiple projects at a time. For me, I have learned to take each day in stride, I can adapt as long as I am not holding myself to a rigged time table or an idea of what this is supposed to look like. I solely breastfeed on demand as well, with that comes extra time demands but for me is so worth it. I am truly thankful I have the ability to do that for our daughter. Looking at these stretching moments as a positive has helped me keep perspective and move onto the next task. I can’t say enough about Lists also, writing it down and being able to come back to it keeps me from dropping the ball.

Any tips for new moms out there?

I’ve learned a bit about myself and what works for me each day, bottom line I need as much consistency as I can get when it comes to my supplements, and my treasured Match green tea. Some days are harder than others, when one day may feel like a breeze. I make sure to express gratitude each day and celebrate those small moments or achievements. And hands down, I have learned to ask for help, it by no means I am not good enough, but that I need help, that simple. What I would say to other moms  is this, You are amazing, You are doing it right, and You are the best mom there is for your children. I would encourage all mommas to make sure to surround yourself with a positive and supportive tribe. We are not meant to do it alone. One more thing,  find out what works for you, and do at minimum that one thing for yourself each day. We are not good for anyone if we ourselves are sinking.

Thank you Natural Stacks for giving me the edge to conquer my day!



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