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By Dennis Buckley


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Win Your Own Halo Sport Headset ($749+ Value)

The Halo Sport in 3 words: Athlete's Neurostimulation Headset.

Neurostimulation is a process that uses electrical wave pulses to activate regions of the brain involved in learning, movement, and skill acquisition.

And the Halo Sport is the world's first and only neurostimulator to accelerate improvements in athletic strength and skill training -- all in one slick headset.

Better results, faster

In as short as one 20-minute session, you can enable a state of hyperplasticity (hyper learning state) in the brain that allows you to learn faster, train harder, and biohack the brain beyond its normal capacity.

Athletes at the top of their game including Olympians, MLB teams, and other professional athletes are using Halo Sport, and according to the company's Co-Founder and CEO, the United States Olympic Ski and Snowboard Association saw a two-fold increase in performance after their athletes started using the headset.

Accelerate Learning 

The Halo Sport isn't just optimizing your physical performance...

The technology in Halo Sport makes practice more productive for the brain, allowing you to accelerate the learning process and hone your abilities in less time.

It's been featured on Forbes, Men's Health, Fast Company, Fortune, Business Insider, and many, many other outlets.

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